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Branch Off []
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Branch Off -- []
   (Vic Ceder 2001)

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From a 2 x 2 consisting of two Mini-Waves, or from an applicable T-Bone 2 x 2.

Lead Beau: Trail Off
Lead Belle: Peel Off
Trailers: 1/2 Crossover Circulate (to Right-hands) & Trade.

A non-T-Bone 2 x 2 ends in a R-H Two-Faced Line.

From a R-H Mini-Wave Box:

Branch Off

Identical to Trail Off.

From a L-H Mini-Wave Box:

Branch Off

Equivalent to Peel Off, but with a different traffic pattern.

From an Inverted Box:

Branch Off

An Inverted Box is the 'normal' starting position for Branch Off.

From a T-Bone 2 x 2:

Branch Off


  • Branch Off is a generalization of Peel Off and Trail Off.
  • Leaders always go to the Right, and Trailers always Trade by the Right.
  • For the Leaders, Branch Off is either a Trail Off or a Peel Off, dependending upon whether you are respectively a Beau or a Belle.
  • For the Trailers, the first part of Branch Off is 1/2 Crossover Circulate, which is not the same as Cross Extend.
    • Cross Extend is not legal from Inverted Boxes.
    • The ending handedness for Cross Extend depends upon the handedness of the starting formation, whereas 1/2 Crossover Circulate ends with a R-H Mini-Wave.

Left Branch Off is the Mirror version of the call.


  • Branch To A Diamond (a la Peel | Trail To A Diamond)
    From an applicable 2 x 2.
    Leaders Branch Off as Trailers 1/2 Crossover Circulate & Hinge.
    A non-T-Bone 2 x 2 ends in a R-H Diamond.

    Branch To A Diamond

  • Branch The Top (a la Peel The Top)
    From an applicable 2 x 2.
    Leaders Branch Off as Trailers 1/2 Crossover Circulate; all Fan The Top.
    A non-T-Bone 2 x 2 ends in a R-H Two-Faced Line.
  • Branch The Bobbin (a la Wind The Bobbin)
    From applicable Columns.
    Leaders (#1 and #3) Branch Off & Circulate Twice as Trailers (#2 and #4) 1/2 Crossover Circulate, Cast Off 3/4, Very Centers Trade, and Cast Off 3/4.
    Ends in Parallel R-H Two-Faced Lines.


  • I tried to name Branch Off in a manner consistent with Peel Off and Trail Off, which is why the name consists of a single word followed by the word 'Off'.
  • Branch Off is to Peel | Trail Off as Revolve To A Wave is to Box Recycle.
  • Branch Off can be useful in resolving asymmetric setups.

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