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Inventory of our Beekeeping Equipment
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1100 Plants To Feed The Bees (by Eric Lee-Mäder, Jarrod Fowler, Jillian Vento, and Jennifer Hopwood (The Xerces Society))
1ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture 39th Edition (By A.I. Root)
1ABCs Of Beekeeping Problems And Problem Beekeepers (by William Dullas)
1An Apiary Guide To Swarm Control (by Wally Shaw)
1Apiculture for the 21st Century (Editors: Roger Hoopingarner and Lawrence J. Connor)
1Attracting Native Pollinators (By Eric Mader, Matthew Shepherd, Mace Vaughan, Scott Hoffman Black, Gretchen LeBuhn and The Xerces Society.)
1Bee And Mankind (by John B. Free)
1Bee Boles And Bee Houses (by A. M. Foster)
1Bee-keeping at Buckfast Abbey (By Brother Adam, O.B.E.)
1Bee-sentials (A Field Guide, by Lawrence John Connor with Robert Muir)
1Beekeeper's Lab (by Kim Lehman)
1Beekeeping - Inside Of The Beehive: Advanced Techniques
1Beekeeping -- From Science to Practice (Ed. by Russell H. Vreeland and Diana Sammataro)
1Beekeeping -- Mentor In A Book (by Donald P. Studinski)
1Beekeeping for Gardeners (by Richard Taylor)
1Beekeeping in Coastal California (By Jeremy R. Rose)
We got our first bees from Jeremy.
1Bees -- A Natural History (by Christopher O'Toole)
Fancy coffee table book
1Bees In America (by Tammy Horn)
1Beeswax Alchemy (by Petra Ahnert)
1Better Beekeeping (by Kim Flottum)
1Biological Beekeeping - The Way Back (by Ed & Dee Lusby)
1Breeding Super Bees (by Steve Taber)
1Breeding The Honeybee (by Brother Adam)
1Children Of The Golden Queen (by Flora McIntyre)
1Comb Honey Production (by Roger A. Morse)
1Confessions Of The Killer Bee Guy (by Reed Booth)
1Free Bees! (by Grant Gillard)
1Hive Management (by Richard E. Bonney)
1Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping (By Dewey M. Caron with Lawrence John Connor)
1Honey Bee Diseases & Pests (by Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists (Third Edition))
1Honey Bee Removal (by Cindy Bee and Bill Owens)
1Honey Farming (by R.O.B. Manley)
1Honeybee Democracy (by Thomas D. Seeley)
1In Business With Bees (by Kim Flottum)
1Increase Essentials - Nuclei, Management, Wintering (by Lawrence John Connor)
1Keeping Bees (By John Vivian)
1Mastering The Art Of Beekeeping Volume 2 (by Ormond & Harry Aebi)
1Mating Biology of Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) (by Gudrun Koeniger, Nikolaus Koeniger, Jamie Ellis and Lawrence Connor)
1Natural Beekeeping (By Ross Conrad)
2Queen Rearing Essentials (by Lawrence John Connor (Second Edition))
1Queen Rearing for the Growth & Management of Small Apiaries (by Joseph E. Hebért, Ph.D.)
1Simple Smart Beekeeping (by Kirsten S. Traynor, Ph.D. and Michael J. Traynor)
1Starting Right With Bees (by Storey Communications, Inc. (M. John Storey, Publisher))
1Steve Taber On Beekeeping (by Steve Taber - From the archives of The Beekeepers Quarterly Volume 2. For a new generation of beekeepers. Edited by John Phipps, 2015.)
1Swarm Essentials - Ecology, Management, Sustainability (By Stephen J. Repasky with Lawrence John Connor)
1Swarm Traps and Bait Hives (by McCartney Taylor)
1Swarming - Its Control And Prevention (by L.E. Snelgrove)
1The Australian Beekeeping Manual (by Robert Owen)
1The Backyard Beekeeper's Honey Handbook (by Kim Flottum)
1The BBKA Guide to Beekeeping (by Ivor Davis & Roger Cullum-Kenyon)
1The Bee - A Natural History (by Noah Wilson-Rich)
1The Bee Book (by Daphne More)
1The Bee Book (by Ann Cliff)
1The Beekeeper's Bible (Published in 2011 by Abrams, NY Authors: Richard Jones and Sharon Sweeney-Lynch)
1The Beekeeper's Handbook Fourth Edition (By Diana Sammataro and Alphonse Avitabile)
1The Beekeeper's Problem Solver (By James E. Tew)
1The Biology of the Honey Bee (by Mark L. Winston)
1The Buzz About Bees (by Jürgen Tautz)
1The Handbook for the Bee Loving Beekeeper (by James B. Miller, BSME (retired))
1The Hive And Honey Bee Revisited (by Roger Hoopingarner, Ph.D.)
1The Honey Bee (by James L. Gould & Carol Grant Gould)
1The Honey Bee (A Guide For Beekeepers) (by V.R. Vickery)
1The Honey Bee Inside Out (by Celia F. Davis)
1The Honey Trail (by Grace Pundyk)
1The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Beekeeping (Edited by Roger Morse and Ted Hooper)
1The Incomparable Honeybee (by Dr. Reese Halter)
1The Observation Hive Handbook (by Frank Linton)
1The Practical Beekeeper Volume I (by Michael Bush)
1The Practical Beekeeper Volume II (by Michael Bush)
1The Practical Beekeeper Volume III (by Michael Bush)
1The Practical Book of Beekeeping (by David Cramp)
1The Queen Must Die (by William Longgood)
1The Quest for the Perfect Hive (by Gene Kritsky)
1Toward Saving the Honeybee (by Gunther Hauk)
1Understanding Bee Anatomy: a full colour guide (by Ian Stell)
1What Do You Know? (by Clarence H. Collison)
1Wisdom for Beekeepers (by James E. Tew)
1Wisdom Of The Bees (by Erik Berrevoets)

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