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Why Save Bees?
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 Report a honey bee swarm in the Santa Ynez Valley 

Why Save Bees?
  • In recent years, honey bees have been dying at alarming rates due to a variety of factors including:
  • Honey bees are important pollinators. About 1/3 of our fruit and vegetable supply depends upon bee pollination. Honey bees are the most efficient pollinators for most crops. Other plants pollinated by honey bees supply food for insects, birds, and small mammals.
How you can help
  • Buy organic - organic farmers care about bees
  • Practice organic gardening - pesticides are detrimental to bees
  • Plant bee forage - grow more herbs and flowers
  • Buy local honey - support your local beekeepers
  • Adopt a hive - or become a beekeeper
Let's work together to save the bees
  • If you encounter a bee swarm, please call a local beekeeper to collect them. The beekeeper will humanely capture them and give them a new home. Heathly bees produce swarms - it's how they reproduce the colony. Such bees are survivors, and should be saved. Left to their own, most swarms perish. Swarms may be lucky and find a hole in a tree, but all too often they may inhabit your chimney, sprinkler box, toolshed, etc.
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