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Our Inventory - Miscellaneous
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Inventory of our Beekeeping Equipment
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    Swarm capture 
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    Swarm capture 

12/0 Wicking 100 ft. (Mann Lake: MD-370)
14/0 Wicking 100 ft. (Mann Lake: MD-355)
2Bee Brush (Mann Lake: HD-660)
1Bee Quick (8 oz. bottle (Mann Lake: DC-155))no picture
4Beetle Jail Baitable
15Better Beetle Blaster Traps
1Cleaner for Queen Excluder (Mann Lake: HD-119)
2Din-A-Max beetle Towels, half sheet 10 count (Mann Lake: DC-673)
1EZ Pry Hive Tool (Mann Lake: HD-581)
3Frame Grip (Mann Lake: HD-630)
1Frame Grip (From Kelley Beekeeping)
1Frame Lifter & Scraper (Mann Lake: HD-620)
1Heat gun (for cleaning queen excluders)
9Hive Tool (Mann Lake: HD-584)
4Honeybee Playing Cards (http://www.penguinmagic.com)
1KwikStart Fire Starters (Bag of 100 starters - Mann Lake: HD-554)
1Manipulation cloth (Brushy Mountain Bee Farm: SKU Cat. #768)
1Mold Release (by Candle Flex (Mann Lake: MD-396))no picture
1Premium Bee Brush (Mann Lake: HD-661)
1Queen Cage
2Sign, metal - Bee Crossing (Mann Lake: GF-106)
3Smoker (Mann Lake: HD-556)
1 smaller one, 2 larger ones
1Spacer (10 to 8) (Mann Lake: HD-593 plastic)
2Spacer (10 to 9) (Mann Lake: HD-587 metal)
1Spirals small set of 3 candle mold (Mann Lake: PM-190)
3Utility Knife (Mann Lake: HD-583)
1Votives set of 4 candle mold 1-1/2 (Mann Lake: PM-320)
1Wick Holder Tabs - 50 pack (Mann Lake: MD-400)

23-October-2019 21:31:14
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