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Blue Bell / Walkin' My Baby Back Home
MacGregor 8255
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Blue Bell / Walkin' My Baby Back Home
ID: 8237
   Side A  
   Side B  

Label information
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TypeSinging Call (two instrumentals)
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Cue Sheet side A

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

Head couples bow, then to the right go
Circle left, make lines of 4, go up and back
Gents star left, pass by your Bluebell
Take the next, star promenade, go round the floor
Now the men back out and join your hands
Then circle left, go round the land
Left allemande, then dosado round your partner
A left hand swing that corner maid
Take your partner, promenade
You promenade this belle around the floor
Girls turn back and meet your partner
Dosado just one time around and promenade
Take her home, this brand new bluebell
And you swing your little bluebell high and low

Cue Sheet side B

NOTE: This dance was written with the purpose in mind to keep all dancers aware of the full count that each maneuver takes to execute. All steps in this dance sequence, except for the first eight counts of the figure and the hand clapping sequence, are to be done with a Walk, Two, Three, Brush movement. Do not rush the execution of the dance and be sure to allow for smoothness that can be obtained. Many uses can be offered to a dance of this type such as demonstration or exhibition for groups of non-dancers, a little something to use for a change of pace at a regular square dance, home patio parties and children's square dance groups. The clapping of hands was thrown in for the fun element you obtain from a figure of this nature. Remember the fun you have in Patty Cake Polka?

POSITION: Dancers are in square including four couples and to start the dance each person is facing their partner with gent's left shoulder toward center of square and lady's right shoulder towards center, hands are joined. The dance starts with a grapevine step in towards the center (side, behind, side, swing) and then a grapevine out, then you take it from there.

CALLER'S NOTE: This dance has to be used for the dancers for a few times until they have it established in their minds.

INTRODUCTION - Wait 4 measures
Grapevine in (4 counts)
Grapevine out (4 counts)
Dosado your partner (8 counts)
Right hand star partner (8 counts)
Left hand star corner (8 counts)
Dosado partner (8 counts)
Men left hand star across (8 counts)
Right hand star opposite (8 counts)
Left hand star back home (8 counts)
Right hand star partner (8 counts)
Left hand star corner (8 counts)
Dosado partner (8 counts)
(Hand claps:)
Together right, together left, together both, together knees (8 counts)
(Clap your own hands, then your partner's right hand, your own, your partner's left, your own, then both to your partner, clap your own, then your knees)
Partner dosado (8 counts)
Your corner promenade (24 counts)
(Men turn towards center, left face turn to pick up corner)
(As you reach home, a twirl with your new partner will put each couple in position to repeat the dance from the beginning.)


See also the two-sided vocal done by Bob van Antwerp on MacGregor 8265.

ID: 8237
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