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Green Light
Blue Star 1740
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Green Light

ID: 8080

LabelBlue Star
Label information
Grid list of Blue Star recordings
TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Sal Fanara (picture)     recordings by Sal Fanara

Sal Fanara

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Cue Sheet


Join hands and circle, go round the ring
Allemande your corner, your partner you swing
promenade go single file, let those ladies lead awhile
Four ladies backtrack, go twice around
Oh there's a green light
Do a dosado
Allemande your corner, come back and promenade your own
Promenade and hear my plea, take her home and swing for me
And there'll be gladness instead of tears

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

And now those head ladies chain, go cross the ring
Sides promenade now halfway and then
In that middle square thru 4 hands and don't be blue
Your baby's gone
, swing thru go two by two
Oh there's a green light
Just box the gnat, pull by and swing
Swing that corner lady round and then you promenade that ring
Promenade and hear my plea, take her home and you will see
That there'll be gladness instead of tears


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Green Light Lyrics ID: 3040

I turned your whole card upside down
I caught you cheatin' and runnin' around
There's a smile upon your face while another takes my place
And now at last, dear, the truth I'd found

Babe, there's the green light, you're free to go
You take the high road, I'll take the low
Here's your coat and shoes and don't forget your blues
Your own canoe now you'll have to row

Babe, there's the green light, shift your gears
I know you fooled me for all these years
I'll hold my head up high, and I'll forget you by and by
And there'll be laughter instead of tears

Babe, there's the green light, kick up your heels
There'll come a day you'll know how it feels
To have your aces trumped and be taken for a chump
Now there's the green light, so spin your wheels

Lyrics by Hank Thompson.
Recorded by Hank Thompson.



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