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Happy Reelin' / Tennessee #9
MacGregor 7855
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Happy Reelin' / Tennessee #9
ID: 7933
   Side A  
   Side B  

Label information
Grid list of MacGregor recordings
TypeSinging Call (instrumental) + Patter
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Old Call(s)
Cue Sheet side A


Hey there partner, let's all dosado now
Then all 4 ladies grand chain across now
Turn 'em round and don't be late
Chain 'em back, you've got your date
Balance out and dosado around
Gents go left
Allemande left with your left hand
Partner right, a right & left grand
Hand over hand until you meet your maid
You promenade
Promenade home and don't be slow
Step right back, do a dosado
And swing her round and round all through the night, tonight


First and third you star by the right around now
Turn your corner by the left one time now
New corner right for a wrong way thar
Boys in the middle make a left hand star
Back that star go all around the town
Let's hear it
Throw in the clutch and don't be late
Meet your honey with a catch all eight
First with the right, back with the left, then
Swing ole corner
Swing her high and don't be slow
Give a little twirl and promeno
One time round and swing all through the night, tonight

Cue Sheet side B


It's all round your corner and you see saw round your own
Then allemande left your corner and around the ring you roam
Shake hands with all the passengers, until you meet your date
Box the gnat and turn right back, down by the railroad gate
Grand right & left the wrong way round until you meet your gal
Dosado round your partners, go once around your pal
There you promenade the circle and you're calling down the line
As you shuffle 'long the siding on that Tennessee number nine


Allemande left, a right to your girl, a wagon wheel and make it whirl
Spin 'em once and don't let go, take that gal along you know
Head two couples don't you blunder, wheel around, duck right under
Over one and on you go, the next a right & left thru
Right and left back the same ole track and turn those gals around
Same two ladies chain, then you promenade the town
Promenade that pretty maid, pull the throttle back I say
Then you swing 'er on that Tennessee number nine


Yes you swing 'er on that Tennessee number nine


ID: 7933
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