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Blue Blue Eyes
Blue Star 1750
Blue Blue Eyes
Blue Star 1750

ID: 7152

TypeSinging Call
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Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Cue Sheet

OPENER - MIDDLE BREAK - CLOSER    Basic, unknown progression

Those 4 ladies promenade and turn that girl around
Join hands circle left around that town
Allemande left and allemande thar, go right & left and star
Gents to the middle, back up boys a right hand star
Shoot that star, weave that ring, it's in and out you go
And when you meet that lady, promenade
Promenade around that ring, you get back home and swing
Wipe those tears from those blue blue eyes

FIGURE    Basic, unknown progression

Head girls to the right you chain, and turn that pretty thing
New head ladies chain across that old ring
1 & 3 up and back, 1/2 square thru across that track
Square thru 3 the outside two, 3/4 round
Allemande that corner girl and dosado your maid
Swing that corner lady, promenade
*Promenade two by two, you know that I love you
Wipe those tears from those blue blue eyes


*You're the one I idolize so don't believe those lies
Wipe those tears from those blue blue eyes

Handle List
1436  Girl(s) IDENTIFIER
782 Promenade (fract) [Basic]
1503 Circle (Left|Right) [Basic]
135 Allemande Left To An Allemande Thar [Basic]
937 Shoot The Star [Basic]
1276 Weave The Ring [Basic]
1430 Promenade Home [Basic]
1111 Swing [A2]
1431 Head(s) IDENTIFIER
622 Ladies Chain (fract) [Basic]
1431 Head(s) IDENTIFIER
519 Forward & Back [Basic]
1058 Square Thru (n) [Basic]
1480 2 (number)
1058 Square Thru (n) [Basic]
1481 3 (number)
1429 Allemande Left [Basic]
429 Dosado [Basic]
1463 Swing (Your Partner|Corner) [Basic]
1700 Corner IDENTIFIER
782 Promenade (fract) [Basic]
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