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Swinging High And Low
MacGregor 947
Swinging High And Low
MacGregor 947

ID: 6063

TypeSinging Call
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Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl

Chuck Raley
Cue Sheet


Join your hands, circle left, you circle round the track
Reverse back, go single file and then
Gents turn in, make a right hand star, go twice around I sing
Allemande left that corner girl and weave around the ring
I'm searching high and low for my baby
You meet your girl and you'll promenade
You're swinging high and low with your baby
There's nothing else that matters to you now

FIGURE    Basic, unknown progression

Allemande left that corner girl and promenade your own
Go walking around the ring and don't you roam
Head (side) two couples wheel around, right & left thru and then
Make a right hand star with the opposite pair
Heads star left in the middle of the square
Go once around to the same old two and swing 'em high and low
Keep this lady and promenade
You swing high and low with your baby
She's the only one that matters to you now


Handle List
1503  Circle (Left|Right)  [Basic]
2057 Reverse Direction
1628 Single File Promenade [Basic]
1435 Boy(s) IDENTIFIER
2149 Roll In (Centers - from Promenade)
1461 Star (Right|Left) [Basic]
1472 Right DIRECTION
1249 Twice (2 times) CONCEPT
1429 Allemande Left [Basic]
1276 Weave The Ring [Basic]
782 Promenade (fract) [Basic]
1429 Allemande Left [Basic]
782 Promenade (fract) [Basic]
1431 Head(s) IDENTIFIER
1284 Wheel Around [Basic]
865 Right & Left Thru [Basic]
2043 Special Star 1 (8CT to DPT)
1875 5/4 (fraction)
630 Left (used as Mirror) CONCEPT
2044 Special Star 2 (Facing to UTB)
1463 Swing (Your Partner|Corner) [Basic]
1430 Promenade Home [Basic] -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.