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ID: 5209

Label information
Grid list of Windsor recordings
TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Bruce Johnson (picture)     recordings by Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson

Cue Sheet

BREAK - FIGURE (4 times through)

Left allemande and then go forward 2
A right and left, turn back one to box the gnat
And a grand ole right & left
You're heading west
You'll meet that maid to promenade
Where fame and fortune's waiting round the bend
For a tenderfoot

When you're home, sides right & left thru
Heads promenade halfway around the ring
And all 4 ladies chain you go 3/4 around the floor
Hey 2 & 4 will promenade halfway around the ring
And face right*, cross trail thru and
Skip one corner, turn the next one left
Go full around to another corner, box the gnat
You dosado each other there and turn new corner left from there
4 ladies chain go straight across the track
Roll a 1/2 sashay, circle round the hall
Here comes a tenderfoot, ridin' for a fall
Hey roll away, swing a brand new maid, and then you promenade
If you don't get scalped or bushwacked on the way
Ole tenderfoot might live another day

(*Note: Sides promenade half to face the couple on the right, who will face you. At this point, all men have original corner, couples are out of sequence, couple 2 faces 1, couple 4 faces 3.)


Copyright 1965.

ID: 5209
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