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Joan Of Arkansaw
Windsor 4824
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Joan Of Arkansaw

ID: 5207

Label information
Grid list of Windsor recordings
TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Bruce Johnson (picture)     recordings by Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson

Old Call(s)
Cue Sheet

FIGURE (4 times through)    C4, corner progression

Join your hands and circle left halfway round that big ol' set
Turn the corner under, swingin' her is grand
All 4 men a left hand star, once around is not too far
You'll dosado her then left allemande
Weave by one and turn a left hand round the next one
All the way and then 4 ladies want to chain
Join your hands and circle to the left and sometimes
*She squeezes hands and drives the men insane
Whirlaway, grand right & left, when you meet across the set
**I guess there oughta be a law
Cause when she swings the men, they ain't the same again
She's Joan of Arkansaw


*She lets you know your courtin's not in vain

*The way she holds your hand is inhumane

*You feel a thrill that no one can explain

*Her interest in the boys she can't restrain

*Her charms are there for all to ascertain

**Promenade her past the boys a-pitchin' straw
Now this gal's a pitcher, too, but she mostly pitches woo

**Promenade the gal you'd like to call your taw
Man, she really packs a sock, from Hot Springs to Little Rock

**Promenade, her figure hasn't got a flaw
In a square dance dress demure, she still knows how to lure

**Promenade, she'll settle down and be your squaw
She'll forget all other men, but brother until then



ID: 5207
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