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SLA Contra (St. Louis March)
Silver Sounds 163
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SLA Contra (St. Louis March)
ID: 3682

LabelSilver Sounds
Label information
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TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Tony McUmber     recordings by Tony McUmber
Cue Sheet


Four ladies promenade the ring
Get back home and give your man a swing
Join your hands and circle left go walking round the set
Left allemande and weave the ring
We're from St. Louis, yes we are!
Swing your lady round and promenade
Winter, summer, fall and spring, square dancing is our thing
In St. Louis, USA

FIGURE    Basic, R-H lady progression

Heads (sides) square thru 4, dosado the corner
Swing thru, boys run right
Ferris wheel, move it right along
Centers pass thru, left allemande
Walk by one, swing the next and promenade
*Famous for that arch, we are proud to do this march
In St. Louis, USA


*Known for Union Station, in the heartland of the nation
We're St. Louis, USA

*We take great pride in our zoo, Forest Park, the Cardinals, too
We're St. Louis, USA

*Laclede gave us our name, Lucky Lindy brought us fame
We're St. Louis, USA

MIDDLE BREAK    Mainstream

Sides face grand square
We're from St. Louis, it's the best
Known as the Gateway to the West
In '93 you'll be our guest
That is our sincere request

Four ladies promenade, swing your man and promenade
Winter, summer, spring and fall, we welcome one and all
In St. Louis, USA


I know that you'll agree, the place to be in '93
Is St. Louis, USA


The record title is SLA Contra, and it comes with cuesheets for both the contra by that name and a square dance singing call named St. Louis March. SLA is for St. Louis Arch. It is an original modern contra dance written by Tony & Beck McUmber in honor of the 42nd National Convention.

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