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Good Hearted Woman
Kalox 1141
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Good Hearted Woman
ID: 2803

Label information
Grid list of Kalox recordings
TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Jon Jones (picture)     recordings by Jon Jones

Jon Jones

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Cue Sheet


4 ladies chain 3/4 you will go
Join hands circle left
You roll away then circle round the land
Allemande, weave the ring
Go in and out around when you meet,
Dosado and then promenade
'Cause she's a good hearted woman,
She's lovin' her good timin' man

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

The heads promenade halfway, round the ring you will go
Right & left thru, ladies lead flutter wheel and then sweep 1/4 more
Pass thru, dosado, go all the way around
Swing thru and then when you're done, boys trade
Swing the corner, promenade
She's a good hearted woman,
She's lovin' a good timin' man


She's a good hearted woman,
She's lovin' a good timin' man


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Good Hearted Woman Lyrics ID: 594

A long time forgotten are dreams that just felt by the way.
And the good life he promised ain't what she's living today.
But she never complains of the bad times or bad things he's done
She's just talks about the good times they've had and all the good times to come.

She's a good hearted woman in love with a good timin' man.
She loves him in spite of his ways that she don't understand.
Through teardrops and laughter they'll pass though his world hand in hand.
A good hearted woman lovin' her good timin' man.

He likes the night life the bright lights and good timin' friends.
When the party's all over she welcomes him back home again.
Lord knows she don't understand him but she does the best that she can.
'Cause she's a good hearted woman she loves her good timin' man.

She's a good hearted woman ...

Lyrics by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson.
Recorded by Willie Nelson.



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