Silver Sounds 345
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Lederhosen And Snickerdoodles
Silver Sounds 345
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TypeSinging CallSilver Sounds
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Corben Geis
Corben Geis
Cue Sheet

OPENER    Basic

Circle left
*Way back in 1810, Prince Louie invited all his friends
To the biggest wedding party in the land

Men star by the right one time around tonight
Left allemande and weave the ring
(Put on your) Lederhosen, (eat your) snickerdoodle
Swing the lady there and promenade
Eins, zwei, drei and ein Prosit
(Who put) the Oomp in the Oom-pah-pah?


*The mayor taps that big old keg, Schuhplatters can't feel their legs
They are out of sauerkraut in the barn

*Wolfgang and Heidi, they get into a fighty
While someone steals the pretzels and the beer

FIGURE    Mainstream, corner progression

Heads (sides) promenade halfway
Sides (heads) right & left thru
Sides (heads) flutter wheel, sweep 1/4
Centers pass thru, eight chain 4
**Dust off our Glockenspiels, wipe down the Flugelhorns
Swing the lady and promenade her home
Ziggy Zaggy, Ziggy Zaggy, hoi hoi hoi
Welcome to Oktoberfest


**Don't eat the schnitzel, they're using Schnauzer!

**My pacemaker's on the fritz and everyone here is blitzed

**Pass the Wienerschnitzel and blow it out your goat horn


I put the Oomp in the Oom-pah-pah!

Translations and meanings:
eins zwei drei = 1 2 3; ein Prosit = a toast;
g'suffa= down the hatchet; Oma und Opa = Gramma and Grampa;
schuhplattlers are German Dancers; Wilkommen zum Oktoberfest =
Welcome to Octoberfest;
ZIGGY ZAGGY HOI HOI HOI is an old German drinking chant at every Oktoberfest and beer
garden. The announcer yells ZIGGY ZAGGY and the crowd screams HEY HEY HEY.
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Handle List
1503  Circle (Left|Right)  [Basic]
1435 Boy(s) IDENTIFIER
1461 Star (Right|Left) [Basic]
1472 Right DIRECTION
1875 5/4 (fraction)
1429 Allemande Left [Basic]
1276 Weave The Ring [Basic]
1463 Swing (Your Partner|Corner) [Basic]
1430 Promenade Home [Basic]
1431 Head(s) IDENTIFIER
782 Promenade (fract) [Basic]
1488 1/2 (fraction)
1432 Side(s) IDENTIFIER
865 Right & Left Thru [Basic]
1432 Side(s) IDENTIFIER
508 Flutter Wheel [Basic]
1110 Sweep (fract) [Basic]
1487 1/4 (fraction)
1442 Center(s) IDENTIFIER
735 Pass Thru [Basic]
121 Eight Chain (Thru|n) [Mainstream]
1482 4 (number)
1463 Swing (Your Partner|Corner) [Basic]
1430 Promenade Home [Basic] -- Copyright © 2020 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.