ESP 446
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ESP 446
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Steve Kopman
Steve Kopman
Cue Sheet

Heads wheel fan thru
Touch 1/4, Cross your neighbor
Ferris Wheel, Centers swap around
Circle by 1/2 by Tallyho
2/3 recycle, extend
Girls ramble, Boys 2/3 recycle
Magic Circulate, Magic transfer the column, Weave
Explode slide thru, Trade by, Allemande left

Sides pass the ocean
Swing and circle 1/2, Extend
Lockit, Grand swing thru
Relay the shadow
Explode and touch 1/4
Split recycle,
Swing thru, boys run
Couples circulate 1/2, Bend the line, Home

Heads vertical tag, Girls go left, Boys go right around 1 to a line
Square chain the top
Twist the line
Center 4 swing thru, Extend
Flip back, Boys to a wave
All jay walk, Little, Couples circulate
Crossroll to a wave, Explode the wave
Twist the line, Swing thru, Extend
Plenty, Linear action, Spread
Boys 1/4 thru, Cut the diamond
Relay the top but turn the center star 1/2
Weave, Explode and square thru 2, Right & left grand

Sides vertical 1/2 tag and weave
Extend, Flip the line 1/2, Boys follow thru
Interlocked diamond circulate, Girls tag back to a wave
Boys circulate 1 & 1/2, Galaxy circulate
Boys split recycle, Wave of 6 Grand swing thru
Girls diamond circulate
Boys through the diamond of girls Ah-so and spread apart Hourglass circulate, Flip the hourglass
Lock it, Relay the shadow, Acey Deucey, Boys run
Couples circulate 1/2, Bend the line, home

Heads pass out
Cross chain thru, Swing thru
Tally ho but boys when you meet begin a left 3/4 thru
Girls slither, Couples circulate
Tag back to a wave, Boys trade
Pass thru, turn and deal
Zoom, Circle by 1/4 by back away, home

Heads right & left thru, and heads dixie sashay
Sides (as couple) rotate 1/4
Concentric partner hinge
Boys single wheel
Siamese left touch 1/4, Siamese follow thru
Girls concentric wheel & deal and roll
Boys split recycle, Cut the diamond
Girls run, Ferris wheel, centers sweep 1/4, home

Sides pass the ocean
Linear action but girls when you meet left swing thru once and a 1/4
Pick up a boy, Relay the top but don't turn the center star
Cross your neighbor
Couples circulate, Girls zing, Boys follow thru
Facing diagonal boxes square thru 3
Girls concentric shakedown, Boys crossfire
Boys box counter rotate
Triple cross, Boys run
Double pass thru until you find your partner, Right & left grand!

Heads box the gnat
Split dixie style to a wave
Trade circulate
scatter scoot chain thru
Follow thru, As couples follow thru
As couples tag back to a wave
Girls weave, Boys zing
Girls explode and split dixie style to a wave
Slip and slide, Stretch recycle
Zoom, Centers circle by 1/2 by Slide thru, Home

Sides turn thru
Split circulate, center 4 cross and turn
Split square chain thru to a wave
Trade circulate, Finish motivate
Explode and turn thru
Twist and fan the top
All 8 recycle, Center 4 swing thru, extend, 2/3 recycle
Swing thru, stretch recycle, centers slide thru
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