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Pussy Cat / Rosabella
Windsor 4473
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Pussy Cat / Rosabella

ID: 15565
   Side A  
   Side B  

Label information
Grid list of Windsor recordings
TypeSinging Call (two vocals)
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Bruce Johnson (picture)     recordings by Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson

Cue Sheet side A


Well now you bow and then you swing your baby high and low
Allemande left the corner, your partner dosado
Ladies make a left hand star, go once around the set
Get back home and box the gnat, then a grand ol' right & left
They call her pussy cat, oh pussy cat
When you meet her promenade
Take her home and twirl her out, then dosado your maid
Swing with the corners all, and a little bit more than that
Allemande left, I'll tell you why, pass your partner right on by
And swing at home with pussy cat, meow


Walk all around that corner girl, your partner dopaso
Left hand turn with partners, your corners right hand go
Partner left, the men star right, straight across the ring
To a left hand whirl, find the corner, box the gnat and then
You pull her by, swing the right hand lady, swing her high and low
Corners left, go full around, just like a dopaso
New corner right, new partner left, roll promenade you know
That pretty little girl with the turned up nose, freckled face and I suppose
That's why they call her pussy cat, meow


Walk with her, she'll coo and purr, with a milky skin like silky fur
Cue Sheet side B

FIGURE (4 times)    Mainstream, no progression

Dosado your corner, turn your partner left hand
While the ladies star, the gentlemen promenade
And the second time you meet, you swat the flea there
Then the gentlemen star right, the ladies promenade
Pass your partner, allemande the corner lady, weave the ring
In and out you go until you meet your maid
Dosado and promenade around the ringo
Get on home

Sides face, grand square
Walk, 2, 3, turn, walk 2, 3, turn
Walk, 2, 3, turn, walk 2, 3, reverse
Walk, 2, 3, turn, walk 2, 3, turn
Walk, 2, 3, turn, heads right & left thru

The sides you promenade around the ringo
1/2 way round, and then 4 ladies wanta chain
Turn her left and promenade, you lucky fella
When you're home, you get to swing with Rosabella


Turn her under and then you bow to Rosabella


ID: 15565
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