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Sets In Order 146
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ID: 13277

LabelSets In Order
Label information
Grid list of Sets In Order recordings
TypeSinging Call
Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Frank Lane (picture)     recordings by Frank Lane

Frank Lane

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Cue Sheet


Now circle left with Rosalie, my darling
Rosalie my own

Allemande your corner and you'll docey your own
Now gents star left and one time you roam
Turn your partner right and corner allemande
Come back and promenade that land
And you can make my life thrillin'
Just tell me that you're willin'
To be mine, Rosalie mine*

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

And those head (side) ladies chain, you turn 'em and then
Go half square thru and a right & left thru again
Now, swing thru and then box the gnat
And then let's all right & left thru the other way back
Docey round your girl, now pass her by
Swing, swing the next and promenade
Oh, you can make my life thrillin'
Just tell me that you're willin'
To be mine, Rosalie mine

TAG (*Last time through omit this line and add tag)

To be mine, Rosalie
Swing, swing Rosalie
Mine, Rosalie mine


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Rosalie Lyrics ID: 3323

When was knighthood was in flower and a man wooed a maid
Beneath her sacred bower he sang a serenade
I date I suppose, it's late heaven knows
It blows and it snows
But anyway, here goes

Rosalie, my darling
Rosalie, my dream
Since one night when stars danced above
I'm oh, oh, so much in love
So Rosalie, have mercy
Rosalie, don't decline
Won't you make my life thrilling
And tell me you're willing to be mine
Rosalie, mine

Lyrics by Cole Porter.
Recorded by Cole Porter; Sammy Kaye; Al Jolson.



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