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Tempos Tantrum
Aussie Tempos 1011
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Tempos Tantrum

ID: 1263
   Side A  

LabelAussie Tempos
Label information
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Vic's Rating5 (excellent)
Media45 rpm vinyl
Jet Roberts (picture)     recordings by Jet Roberts

Jet Roberts

Cue Sheet

Two-couple MS written by Jet Roberts and Steve Turner

Bow to partner & the one in front
Pass the ocean
Couple #1 cast off 3/4, others hinge
All box circulate twice
Zoom, all walk & dodge
Girls partner trade
Boys start with a girl and swing thru
Tag the line
Girls face left boys face right
All step forward and partner trade
You're home

Pass the ocean, spin the top
Boys run
Tag the line but boys touch 1/4
When you meet
Boys pass thru, everybody to the right cloverleaf
Girls touch 1/4, extend
Box circulate, #3 boy run
Boys only put centers in cast off 3/4
Girls touch 1/4
Those who can slide thru & face each other
The other girl u-turn back
You're home

Forward & back
Square thru couple #1 go 3, couple #3 go 4
Couple #1 cloverleaf, all touch 1/4 (same sex)
Centers trade, boys trade
Wheel & deal, centers in cast off 3/4
Star thru, leaders California twirl
You're home

Pass thru
Girls stand still boys fold
Touch 1/4, boys walk & girls dodge
Partner trade, pass the ocean
Boys walk & girls dodge together
Boys to the right cloverleaf
Girls hinge, extend to his right
Box circulate, all face in
You're home

Right & left thru, touch 1/4
Box circulate 1 & 1/2 (girls take hands)
All fan the top boys move up twice (take a girl's hand)
Tag the line, face right
Bend the line, touch 1/4
Box circulate 1 & 1/2 (boys take hands)
All fan the top
Girls face in, extend, all face in
You're home

Couple #1 split couple #3 round 1 to a line
Bend the line, pass the ocean
Swing thru 1 & 1/2, all pass thru
Boys run left around the girl
Scoot back (left-handed)
Left hinge, girls trade
Recycle, veer right
Couple trade, bend the line
Boy lead dixie style to a wave
Girls trade, girls run, bend the line
You're home

Couple #3 1/2 sashay, all slide thru (same sex)
Hinge, start with same sex & swing thru (centers are partner trading)
Centers step forward others slide together
Leaders cloverleaf, others face each other
All double pass thru
Boys face right, girls face left
Centers step forward others slide together
All partner trade
You're home

Right & left thru, 1/2 sashay 1 & 1/2
Dixie style to a wave, fan the top
Left spin the top
Boys step forward, girls slide together and trade
Girls step forward, all partner trade
Slide thru
Bow to partner



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