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Steel Guitar Rag
Gold Star 700
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Steel Guitar Rag
Gold Star 700

ID: 12122

TypeSinging Call
Label information
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Vic's Rating0 (not rated)
Media45 rpm vinyl

Cal Golden
Cue Sheet

FIGURE (four times through)    Basic, corner progression

4 ladies chain 3/4 chain
Promenade 8 take a little walk around the ring
1 & 3 wheel around, right & left thru across that town
Turn and chain those ladies back across the ring
Forward 8, back you reel, pass thru, wheel & deal
Centers square thru count five hands around you go
Five hands to the corner girl
Left allemande and a right & left grand
Go buddy go around that ring
Meet your lady dosado once around on heel and toe
Swing that corner lady round promenade on down
Promenade that ring, get the lady home and then
Everybody dance to that steel guitar rag


Everybody swing to that steel guitar rag

(Part of this dance was written by Ruth Stillion.)

ID: 12122
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