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Query results for: Cue Sheet contains 'Star Twirl'
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13 records

Blue Star  Bogan  Dash  Longhorn  Lore  Lucky  Rockin' A  Scope  Top  Western Jubilee  Windsor 
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Blue Star     WEB SITE     Label information     Grid list of Blue Star recordings    
  cue sheet
Singing Call -- Andy Andrus
Blue Star 1589   Qty=3

Bogan     WEB SITE     Label information     Grid list of Bogan recordings    
It's Four In The Morning
  cue sheet   lyrics
Singing Call -- Lem Gravelle
Bogan 1249   Qty=13

Dash          Label information     Grid list of Dash recordings    
Swingin' Man
  cue sheet
Singing Call -- Chuck Raley
Dash 2531   Qty=2

Longhorn          Label information     Grid list of Longhorn recordings    
El Paso
  cue sheet   lyrics
Singing Call -- Ralph Silvius
Longhorn 158   Qty=4
Turn Out The Light
  comments   cue sheet   lyrics
Singing Call -- Red Warrick
Longhorn 164   Qty=6

Lore     WEB SITE     Label information     Grid list of Lore recordings    
Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now
  cue sheet   lyrics
Singing Call -- Tommy White
Lore 1020   Qty=1

Lucky     WEB SITE     Label information     Grid list of Lucky recordings    
Deep Water
  cue sheet   lyrics
Singing Call -- Sammy Phillips
Lucky 401   Qty=2

Rockin' A          Label information     Grid list of Rockin' A recordings    
Little Things Girls Should Know
  cue sheet
Singing Call -- George Keith
Rockin' A 1336   Qty=2

Scope     WEB SITE     Label information     Grid list of Scope recordings    
I'll Come Runnin'
  cue sheet   lyrics
Singing Call -- Bob Page
Scope 507   Qty=4
Orange And Green
  comments   cue sheet   lyrics
Singing Call -- John Winton
Scope 525   Qty=1

Top     WEB SITE     Label information     Grid list of Top recordings    
Foolin' Around
  cue sheet   lyrics
Singing Call -- Gloria Rios
Top 25023   Qty=1

Western Jubilee          Label information     Grid list of Western Jubilee recordings    
Uncle Noah's Ark
  cue sheet
Singing Call -- Les Ely
Western Jubilee 905   Qty=1

Windsor     WEB SITE     Label information     Grid list of Windsor recordings    
Saturday Night
  cue sheet
Singing Call -- Al Stevens
Windsor 5041   Qty=4
20-July-2019 11:31:53
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