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Label Information - Swinging Square
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Sibling Labels:1 WorldBee SharpBlue StarBlue Star RetroBob CatBoganDance RanchE-Z School RhythmLorePetticoat PatterRockin' A
Owner:Buddy Weaver
Started in 1959. Subsumed under Blue Star. Swinging Square music will now be released on the Rawhide label.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Swinging Square recordings

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Types of Records
1Patter (two instrumentals)
70Singing Call
1Singing Call (instrumental) + Patter
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Swinging SquareAll Labels
Cal Brazier33
Billy Brooks13
Les DeWitt11
Ken Finnerty22
Harold Finney22
Ed Fraidenburg (picture)225
Paul Greer12
Lou Lakous22
Jerry LeBlanc11
Wayne Mahan22
Gary Mahnken (picture)231
Les Maire11
Al Mallory11
Chuck McDonald23
Ken Oppenlander33
Bill Owsley (picture)216
Gene Pearson55
George Peterson619
Johnny Reagan34
Peter Richardson12
Bill Saunders812
Robert Shuler (picture)19
Arnold (Bob) Strebe22
Rocky Strickland (picture)220
Foggy Thompson11
Harry Tucciarone, Jr. (picture)37
Jack Winkler22
Clyde Wood35
Bob Wright15

Ed FraidenburgGary MahnkenBill Owsley

Robert ShulerRocky StricklandHarry Tucciarone, Jr.
18-June-2019 23:42:21
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