Sibling Labels:CEMFTCGrenn
Owner:Tracy Brown (was: Hugh Macy)

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Types of Records 

38Patter (two instrumentals)
332Singing Call

Recording Artists 

Recording Artist
# of recordings on
TopAll Labels
Ken Anderson326
Bern Aubuchon67
Ben Baldwin, Jr.611
Jim Bauer66
Dick Bayer220
Reath Blickenderfer99
Dana Blood22
Ray Bohn1623
Fred Bouvier19
Stan Burdick (picture)417
Mal "Yikes" Cameron44
Jim Cargill910
Tommy Cavanagh215
Fred Christopher24
Bob Cone25
Wally Cook1313
Curly Custer28
Bill Dann11
Decko Deck (picture)11
Joe Dombrowski22
Don Duffin45
Emanuel Duming (picture)813
Buck Fish44
Ed Fraidenburg (picture)725
Dave Friedlein11
Paul Hartman1228
Doc Heimbach23
Frannie Heintz13
Chip Hendrickson (picture)2527
Hayes Herschler11
Lou Hildebrand22
Bob Holup11
Brian Hotchkies (picture)7148
Bob Howell (picture)29
Earl Johnston (picture)156
Dick Jones1634
Herb Keys79
Ralph Kinnane1114
Bill Kramer (picture)110
Harry Lackey330
Dick Leger (picture)1963
Dale Lewis11
Lloyd Litman (picture)22
Mike Litzenberger67
Rocky Luminais44
Garnet May11
Gene McCullough (picture)11
Ed Michl33
Paul Moore (picture)418
Jack O'Leary (picture)4154
Happy Harry Pearcey (picture)44
Dub Perry11
Bill Peterson (picture)615
George Peterson1119
Dona Prudhomme22
Joe Prystupa38
Jim Purcell11
Gloria Rios (picture)33
Len Roos11
Bill Ryan11
Beulah Samec11
Wally Schultz33
Art Shepherd (picture)13
Skip Smith (picture)14
Vern Smith813
Julia Smyth22
Jim Stewart33
Ralph Sweet (picture)33
Ron Thornton34
Tom Trainor125
Harry Tucciarone, Jr. (picture)37
Joe Turner23
Dave Walker12
Bruce Welsh57
Deuce Williams (picture)66
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