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Sibling Label:Crown Alternative Music
Owner:Bob & Matt Worley
Crown Records has released its first recording, "Pistol Packin' Mama" by Bob Worley, in 1989. Crown only allows the recording of real musicians, using real instruments. To date, Crown Records has released well over 100 recordings, including country, bluegrass, pop, rock, techno, gospel, holiday classics, and standards.

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Grid list of Crown recordings

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Types of Records
4Patter (two instrumentals)
110Singing Call

Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
CrownAll Labels
Matt Asanuma34
Ken Bower (picture)7136
Jeremy Butler (picture)12
Scot Byars13
Elbert Harrison22
Robert Hurst (picture)26
Ko Iwata (picture)113
Steve Jacques (picture)1323
Jerry Junck (picture)625
Tim Marriner (picture)151
Naru Okumura (picture)510
Tony Oxendine (picture)1224
Texas Po' Boys (picture)22
Bobby Poyner (picture)12
Sylvia Roberts15
Charlie Robertson (picture)624
Tom Roper (picture)230
Drew Scearce (picture)1020
Mike Seastrom (picture)161
Elmer Sheffield, Jr. (picture)1386
Gary Shoemake (picture)597
Andrea Soutter (picture)12
Crown Staff11
Bob Worley (picture)2020
Matt Worley (picture)4346

Ken BowerJeremy ButlerRobert Hurst

Ko IwataSteve JacquesJerry Junck

Tim MarrinerNaru OkumuraTony Oxendine

Texas Po' BoysBobby PoynerCharlie Robertson

Tom RoperDrew ScearceMike Seastrom

Elmer Sheffield, Jr.Gary ShoemakeAndrea Soutter

Bob WorleyMatt Worley
23-October-2019 13:29:10
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