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Label Information - C Bar C
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Abbreviation(s):C-C, CBC, CBARC
Sibling Labels:4 C'sSeven C's
Owner:Tracy Brown (was: David Cox)

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of C Bar C recordings

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Types of Records
3Patter (two instrumentals)
92Singing Call
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
C Bar CAll Labels
Paul Bristow (picture)1101
Mike Callahan (picture)16
Bob Christian23
Jim Congleton99
David Cox2462
Chuck Curtiss (picture)44
Al Davis55
Curt Davis22
Edgar Everett22
Jeff Garbutt (picture)16
John Griffith22
John Holmes34
Brian Hotchkies (picture)1138
Phil Kozlowski (picture)313
Lorenz Kuhlee (picture)27
Richard Lane (picture)216
George Lavender (picture)33
Mac Letson (picture)139
Bob Lockeby22
Chris Lockeby11
Ramon Marsch67
Jim Melton (picture)11
Bob Poyner (picture)322
Ronnie Purser (picture)16
Graham Rigby11
Jet Roberts (picture)127
John Sanderlin11
Al Stevens (picture)246
Dave Tucker117
Glenn Wilson (picture)120
Bronc Wise (picture)488
Barry Wonson212
Clyde Wood25
Jim Young (picture)11

Paul BristowMike CallahanChuck Curtiss

Jeff GarbuttBrian HotchkiesPhil Kozlowski

Lorenz KuhleeRichard LaneGeorge Lavender

Mac LetsonJim MeltonBob Poyner

Ronnie PurserJet RobertsAl Stevens

Glenn WilsonBronc WiseJim Young
15-November-2018 23:15:46
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