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Label Information - Rockin' M
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Sibling Labels:StampedeTJ
Owner:Sonja Savell and Terry Jones (was: Wayne Morvent)

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Rockin' M recordings

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Types of Records
3Patter (two instrumentals)
61Singing Call
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Rockin' MAll Labels
Mike Bramlett (picture)221
Wilma Bridal11
Deborah Carroll-Jones (picture)226
John Chavis29
Jennifer Cleland36
Skip Cleland (picture)312
Bengt Geleff (picture)12
John Gorski11
Glen Green23
Mike Green (picture)11
Jeff Holley (picture)12
Henry Israel (picture)39
Doug Jernigan (picture)58
Ken Kirby33
Wayne Morvent (picture)2425
Henrik Nilsson (picture)11
Danny Payne (picture)35
Krister Pettersson11
James Reid (picture)28
Alvin Richard33
Bob Rollins (picture)11
Sonya Savell58
Larry Schultz11
Nasser Shukayr (picture)312
Traylor Walker (picture)14
Jim Woolsey (picture)22
Nickey Zimmerman25

Mike BramlettDeborah Carroll-JonesSkip Cleland

Bengt GeleffMike GreenJeff Holley

Henry IsraelDoug JerniganWayne Morvent

Henrik NilssonDanny PayneJames Reid

Bob RollinsNasser ShukayrTraylor Walker

Jim Woolsey
15-September-2019 05:45:40
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