Label Information - Chaparral

Abbreviation(s):C, CHAP
Sibling Labels:CoyoteRoadrunner
Owner:(Paul Cote (was: Pam Dillander)

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Grid list of Chaparral recordings

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Types of Records
16Patter (two instrumentals)
171Singing Call

Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
ChaparralAll Labels
Ken Bower (picture)50144
Ken Burke (picture)216
Deborah Carroll-Jones (picture)125
Tim Crawford (picture)25
Tom Dillander (picture)110
Dee Dee Dougherty (picture)220
Randy Dougherty (picture)154
Ray & Bea Dowdy12
Marshall Flippo (picture)21183
Jerry Haag (picture)3851
Jon Jones (picture)138
Beryl Main (picture)2732
Betty & Clancy Mueller14
David Murray34
Dan Sahlstrom (picture)24
Gary Shoemake (picture)4777
Scott Smith (picture)2129
Jack & Ann von der Heide17
John & Wanda Winter713
Johnna Winter11
Wayne & Norma Wylie12

Ken BowerKen BurkeDeborah Carroll-Jones

Tim CrawfordTom DillanderDee Dee Dougherty

Randy DoughertyMarshall FlippoJerry Haag

Jon JonesBeryl MainDan Sahlstrom

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