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Label Information - Riverboat
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Owner:Bob Elling
Riverboat Records was purchased in the 1980s by Bob Elling in the San Francisco Bay Area. His love of both square dancing and good music has driven his dedication to create the finest square dance music available. The early years produced several square dance records using top-notch musicians, including Phil Aaberg and Norton Buffalo. Due to the priorities of raising a family, there was no new music produced for almost 20 years. Around 2005 Bob began to teach and call square dancing to local 3rd and 4th graders once a week. He loves teaching the kids and has a desire to use music that they could relate to.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Riverboat recordings

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Types of Records
14Patter (two instrumentals)
337Singing Call
1Singing Call (instrumental) + Patter
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
RiverboatAll Labels
Dave Abbott718
Keiko Asano11
Bob Baier (picture)331
Harold Bausch140
Nate Bliss (picture)776
Ken Bower (picture)21134
Charlie Brown (picture)11
Whit Brown11
Scot Byars13
Gary Carnes (picture)24
Ted Clements (picture)34
Dee Dee Dougherty (picture)119
Randy Dougherty (picture)254
Wade Driver (picture)3156
Joey Duhamel (picture)28
Steve Edlund (picture)27
Bob Elling (picture)814
Bob Farnell (picture)1010
Marshall Flippo (picture)1186
Corben Geis (picture)138
Thorsten Geppert (picture)329
Patty Greene (picture)230
Dave Guille114
Keith Gylfe1313
Koji Harai (picture)214
Bill Harrison (picture)163
Dave Hobaugh23
Kim Hohnholt323
Kinya Ishii78
Ko Iwata (picture)812
Jerry Jestin (picture)444
Lawrence Johnstone (picture)49
Jerry Junck (picture)224
Shauna Kaaria (picture)140
Hiromi Kaneko (picture)414
Mr. Kaneko, Jr. (picture)412
Kuniko Kawashima (picture)48
Hunter Keller (picture)332
Marv Lindner (picture)233
Darryl Lipscomb (picture)638
Tomas "Doug" Machalik15
Gary Mahnken (picture)131
Larry Marchese34
Tim Marriner (picture)250
Tom Miller (picture)166
Michael Mills11
Kelly Mizuno11
Paul Moore (picture)118
Lydia Morrow22
Wade Morrow (picture)11
Hiroshi Nakagawa (picture)34
Isao Nakagawa (picture)12
Dan Nordbye (picture)855
Mac O'Jima (picture)214
Jack O'Leary (picture)16112
Keiko Ohiwa11
Duke Okada (picture)1218
Mitchell Osawa (picture)2034
Tony Oxendine (picture)14217
Tac Ozaki (picture)617
Kathy Racine (picture)33
Andy (2) Rawlinson23
Rich Reel (picture)11
Max Ringe (picture)610
Jet Roberts (picture)127
Justin Russell (picture)419
Tommy Russell (picture)217
Joe Saltel (picture)1064
Ron Schneider154
Mike Seastrom (picture)856
Elmer Sheffield, Jr. (picture)49370
Gary Shoemake (picture)1195
Jerry Story (picture)3213
Fred Strang14
Hideyuki Takahashi (picture)25
Kumi Takahashi (picture)2533
Keita Takahata (picture)412
Atsushi Tamada (picture)33
Naomi Tomosada (picture)25
Nils Trottmann (picture)125
Kazu Tsujimura (picture)11
Masaru Wada323
Buddy Weaver (picture)13334
Aaron Wells (picture)33
Ron Welsh68
Bronc Wise (picture)188
Mike Wright (picture)13

Bob BaierNate BlissKen Bower

Charlie BrownGary CarnesTed Clements

Dee Dee DoughertyRandy DoughertyWade Driver

Joey DuhamelSteve EdlundBob Elling

Bob FarnellMarshall FlippoCorben Geis

Thorsten GeppertPatty GreeneKoji Harai

Bill HarrisonKo IwataJerry Jestin

Lawrence JohnstoneJerry JunckShauna Kaaria

Hiromi KanekoMr. Kaneko, Jr.Kuniko Kawashima

Hunter KellerMarv LindnerDarryl Lipscomb

Gary MahnkenTim MarrinerTom Miller

Paul MooreWade MorrowHiroshi Nakagawa

Isao NakagawaDan NordbyeMac O'Jima

Jack O'LearyDuke OkadaMitchell Osawa

Tony OxendineTac OzakiKathy Racine

Rich ReelMax RingeJet Roberts

Justin RussellTommy RussellJoe Saltel

Mike SeastromElmer Sheffield, Jr.Gary Shoemake

Jerry StoryHideyuki TakahashiKumi Takahashi

Keita TakahataAtsushi TamadaNaomi Tomosada

Nils TrottmannKazu TsujimuraBuddy Weaver

Aaron WellsBronc WiseMike Wright
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