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Label Information - Grenn
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Sibling Labels:CEMFTCTop
Owner:Tracy Brown (was: Hugh Macy)

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Grenn recordings

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Types of Records
1Contra (two-sided)
50Patter (two instrumentals)
9Patter (two vocals)
52Round (two-sided)
195Singing Call
8Singing Call (two instrumentals)
6Singing Call (two vocals)
1Singing Call (vocal) + Patter

Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
GrennAll Labels
Don Armstrong (picture)434
Ben Baldwin, Jr.111
Bob Barnes (picture)327
Dick Bayer620
Jimmy Brooks13
Stan Burdick (picture)217
Calvin Campbell (picture)22
Jim Cargill110
Betty & Bob Carson11
Walt Cole24
Barbara Connelly11
Charlotte & Johnny Davis11
Johnny Davis2931
Joey Duhamel (picture)18
Ed Fraidenburg (picture)225
Ken & Carol Guyre11
Ann & Andy Handy33
Cleo & Pauline Harden11
Bill & Irene Hart11
Paul Hartman328
Doc Heimbach13
Chip Hendrickson (picture)227
Brian Hotchkies (picture)37146
Bob Howell (picture)59
Earl Johnston (picture)5256
Lawrence Johnstone (picture)219
Dick Jones933
Bobby Keefe (picture)121
Herb Keys29
Ralph Kinnane115
Harry Lackey130
Dick Leger (picture)2763
Billy Lewis130
Lou Lucius11
Bill & Mary Lynn25
Helen Maddeaux11
Clint McLean12
Lannie McQuaide11
Paul & Laura Merola11
Singin' Sam Mitchell (picture)543
Paul Moore (picture)518
Hal & Lou Neitzel11
Maizie & Lloyd Poole22
Kay & Forrest Richards11
Ron Schneider3254
Art Shepherd (picture)13
Tony Simmons (picture)225
Chet & Barbara Smith11
Manning & Nita Smith (picture)27
Skip Smith (picture)14
Vern Smith213
Jack & Na Stapleton22
Fred Strang14
Harv Tetzlaff11
Ron Thornton14
Joe Uebelacker (picture)18
Dave Walker12
Glenn Walters (picture)128
Harvey & Norine Wiese11
Wayne & Norma Wylie15

Don ArmstrongBob BarnesStan Burdick

Calvin CampbellJoey DuhamelEd Fraidenburg

Chip HendricksonBrian HotchkiesBob Howell

Earl JohnstonLawrence JohnstoneBobby Keefe

Dick LegerSingin' Sam MitchellPaul Moore

Art ShepherdTony SimmonsManning & Nita Smith

Skip SmithJoe UebelackerGlenn Walters
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