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Owner:Don Coy (was: Mike Trombly; then Pam & Tom Dillander))
From Don Coy: TNT records was started in the late 70's by Mike Trombley, a caller from St. Albans, Vermont. Mike was probably the first square and round dance record producer to use a synthesizer as the source of music. One could say Mike is a pioneer because the synthesizer plays a big role in most of the square and round dance music recorded today. Over the years so many great callers have recorded on TNT. Besides Mike, there have been such great callers as Gene Trimmer, Jack O'Leary, Al Brundage and many more. TNT is also known for its classic round dance music. What round dance cuer does not use Buffy or Take One Step? Palomino Records bought TNT in the late 90's. After Tom Dillander took over TNT, the sound of TNT changed to a synthesizer used along with other instruments added. I was the first to record for Tom after the takeover. The first tune I recorded for TNT with the new sound was I've Been Working On The Railroad. The music uses a synthesizer, banjo, guitar and bass. The sound changed back to the synthesizer in the mid 2000's when Tom at Palomino began using music from Hiroshi Yaoko of Japan. Take a listen to all of the wonderful patter music that Hiroshi has created. Callers such as myself, Jerry Jestin and Bobby Poyner have added their voices to the music of Hiroshi. As the new owner of TNT. I feel as though I now own a part of history and I promise to continue making TNT music something you would like to use.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

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Types of Records
39Patter (two instrumentals)
1Round (two-sided)
106Singing Call
1Singing Call (two instrumentals)

Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
TNTAll Labels
Steve Brissette11
Kit & Sandy Brown11
Al Brundage (picture)1848
Walt Cole14
Torsten & Virginia Colling22
Jack Cook11
Glen Cooksey22
Don Coy (picture)838
Ken Crowley33
Dan Faria44
Gordon Fineout33
Dave Fleck55
Ron Fotch11
Dort Fuhrmann11
Jeff & Barb Grossman11
Phil & Becky Guenthner11
Hank Hanke44
Jim Harris11
Jeanne Heater33
Mike Iavarone416
Jerry Jestin (picture)344
Michael Johnston11
Michael Johnstone117
Ken Kallmeyer (picture)11
Garland King12
Lee Kopman (picture)110
George Korbmacher11
Phil Kozlowski (picture)113
Fran & Jim Kropf22
Frank Lehnert22
Stu Lennie11
Charlie Lovelace11
Wynne Mahler11
Barbara May11
Eddie Mayall11
Jim Mayo (picture)114
Pete & Carol Metzger14
Singin' Sam Mitchell (picture)443
Betty & Clancy Mueller14
Ron & Mary Noble11
Jack O'Leary (picture)3117
Bud & Shirley Parrott12
Gardner Patton (picture)22
Happy Hal Petschke11
Larry Prior23
Joe Prystupa48
Al Roberts22
Jerry Seeley11
Ron Shaw12
Ed Shortman11
Fred Strang14
Burt Summers11
Lou Taddia (picture)11
Norp Trautman11
Gene Trimmer1212
Mike Trombly (picture)1215
Bob Van Antwerp (picture)165
Edwin West11
Erwin West11
Ray Wiles (picture)11
Steve Wilhoit13

Al BrundageDon CoyJerry Jestin

Ken KallmeyerLee KopmanPhil Kozlowski

Jim MayoSingin' Sam MitchellJack O'Leary

Gardner PattonLou TaddiaMike Trombly

Bob Van AntwerpRay Wiles
18-October-2019 14:56:07
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