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Label Information - Longhorn
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Sibling Labels:BelcoCascadeKaloxMacGregor
Owner:Cody Bryant (was: Fred Beem)

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Longhorn recordings

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Types of Records
3Patter (two instrumentals)
1Round (two-sided)
3Sing-Along (two-sided)
124Singing Call
1Singing Call (two instrumentals)
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
LonghornAll Labels
Jerry Adkins25
Bob Augustin337
Bill Barnett24
Harold Bausch140
Bob Bennett (picture)427
Ray Bohn223
Mike Bramlett (picture)321
Louis Calhoun (picture)825
Bailey Campbell714
Ralph Chambers11
Harold Davis23
Josh Frank23
Ken Golden46
Lem Gravelle (picture)232
Jim Hayes (picture)45
John Hendron (picture)228
Jim Horn23
Johnny Hozdulick27
Henry Israel (picture)49
Ivan Koehn312
Harry Lackey330
Walt McNeel410
Paul Moore (picture)118
Allie Morvent (picture)18
Bill Peters (picture)1027
Guy Poland79
Bob Rhinerson22
Ralph Silvius (picture)417
Jerry Smith22
Rick Smith34
Vern Smith313
Rocky Strickland (picture)420
Lee Swain (picture)715
Red Warrick (picture)1720
Wayne West (picture)250
Francis Zeller26

Bob BennettMike BramlettLouis Calhoun

Lem GravelleJim HayesJohn Hendron

Henry IsraelPaul MooreAllie Morvent

Bill PetersRalph SilviusRocky Strickland

Lee SwainRed WarrickWayne West
23-August-2019 23:55:09
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