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Label Information - Lou Mac
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Sibling Labels:Mar LetR & D
Owner:Robert Townsend and Don Wood (previously: Mac Letson)
Lou-Mac Records was established over 40 years ago by Mac and Lou Letson. Recognized as a leader in the Square Dance Music Industry. Lou-Mac produced several "Gold Records". Familiar titles such as "Gold Rush", "The Last Thing On My Mind", "You Call Everybody Darlin" and "The Cowboy Rides Away" are staples in almost every callers record case.

In 1992 Robert Townsend and Don Wood purchased Lou-Mac Records. Given the long history of great music they decided to retain the name Lou-Mac and go about producing more great music with a modern sound. Some of the newer hits developed to embrace this new sound are "YMCA", "Whoop Square It Is" (The Square Dance Rap), "Bible Belt", "Dancing In The Streets" (The Van Halen Cut) and "Hamster Dance". We are still producing more traditional Square Dance Music, with songs such as "Biloxi Lady", "Listen to a Country Song", and the Everley Brothers hit "Everyday".

Over the years several top National Callers have recorded with Lou-Mac. The list of notable callers includes Mac Letson, Randy Dougherty, Dee Dee Dougherty, Bob Fisk, Tony Oxendine, Larry Letson, Bill Harrison, Nasser Shukayr and several others.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Lou Mac recordings

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Types of Records
8Patter (two instrumentals)
173Singing Call
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Lou MacAll Labels
Jim Baker11
Bill Barner12
Ken Bower (picture)1130
Bill Bumgarner (picture)45
Bill Claywell99
Jim Coppinger28
Mike DeSisto (picture)115
Dee Dee Dougherty (picture)119
Randy Dougherty (picture)754
Wes Dyer (picture)212
Bob Fisk (picture)250
Kip Garvey (picture)254
Buddy Gillespie13
Ben Goldberg (picture)514
Bob Green55
Garnett Hall11
Bill Harrison (picture)260
Steve Jacques (picture)123
Kenny "Little Enis" Jarvis (picture)211
Shauna Kaaria (picture)132
Vic Kaaria (picture)131
Darin Keith (picture)18
Harold Kelley25
Bill Kramer (picture)110
Harry Lackey230
Larry Letson (picture)358
Mac Letson (picture)3339
Tim Marriner (picture)150
B.P. Merritt11
Bear Miller (picture)18
Tom Miller (picture)361
Steve Moore216
Roger Morris (picture)29
Tony Oxendine (picture)2209
Dan Preedy12
Wayne Redden22
Jet Roberts (picture)126
Charlie Robertson (picture)924
Tom Roper (picture)824
Elmer Sheffield, Jr. (picture)1364
George Shell14
Nasser Shukayr (picture)412
Lee Swain (picture)115
John Swindle (picture)28
Robert Townsend (picture)914
Tommy Wells (picture)711
Don Wood (picture)2728
Jim Wood24
Matt Worley (picture)142
Dennis Young (picture)15

Ken BowerBill BumgarnerMike DeSisto

Dee Dee DoughertyRandy DoughertyWes Dyer

Bob FiskKip GarveyBen Goldberg

Bill HarrisonSteve JacquesKenny "Little Enis" Jarvis

Shauna KaariaVic KaariaDarin Keith

Bill KramerLarry LetsonMac Letson

Tim MarrinerBear MillerTom Miller

Roger MorrisTony OxendineJet Roberts

Charlie RobertsonTom RoperElmer Sheffield, Jr.

Nasser ShukayrLee SwainJohn Swindle

Robert TownsendTommy WellsDon Wood

Matt WorleyDennis Young
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