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Label Information - Blue Star Retro
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Sibling Labels:1 WorldBee SharpBlue StarBob CatBoganDance RanchE-Z School RhythmLorePetticoat PatterRockin' ASwinging Square
Owner:Buddy Weaver

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Blue Star Retro recordings

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Types of Records
37Singing Call

Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Blue Star RetroAll Labels
Scott Bennett (picture)1117
Mike Driscoll (picture)216
Darren Gallina (picture)121
Hiroyuki Kaneko13
Darin Keith (picture)210
Hisae Moriguchi11
Akitoshi Nakajima12
Kotaro Okawa13
Naru Okumura (picture)110
Tac Ozaki (picture)121
Tom Roper (picture)130
Joe Saltel (picture)169
Takako Suzuki (picture)13
Sam Tajima13
Masaru Wada224
Makiko Wakamatsu12
Buddy Weaver (picture)17348
Keiko Yaoko15

Scott BennettMike DriscollDarren Gallina

Darin KeithNaru OkumuraTac Ozaki

Tom RoperJoe SaltelTakako Suzuki

Buddy Weaver
18-October-2019 18:27:21
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