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Label Information - Square Tunes
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Sibling Labels:Black Mountain ValleyPioneer
Owner:Ted Frye

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Square Tunes recordings

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Types of Records
32Patter (two instrumentals)
9Patter (two vocals)
170Singing Call
1Singing Call (instrumental) + Patter
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Square TunesAll Labels
Bill Bryan33
Len Christiansen (picture)14
Mike Davey (picture)28
Johnny Davis231
Dee Dee Dougherty (picture)119
Randy Dougherty (picture)754
Bob Dubree (picture)1417
Joey Duhamel (picture)38
John Eubanks (picture)623
Bob Fisk (picture)450
Marshall Flippo (picture)2186
Abby Foster11
Ted Frye1018
Koji Harai (picture)114
Brian Hotchkies (picture)21138
Ko Iwata (picture)112
Lawrence Johnstone (picture)39
Colleen Jones11
Dick Jones433
Hiromi Kaneko (picture)314
Hiroyuki Kaneko13
Bobby Keefe (picture)521
Hunter Keller (picture)232
Reggie Kniphfer (picture)113
Jack Lasry (picture)2929
Jim Lee (picture)49
Darryl Lipscomb (picture)139
Jack Livingston (picture)918
Homer Magnet (picture)11
Paul Marcum (picture)136
Tim Marriner (picture)550
Mac McCullar1109
Matt McGinn44
Dave Muller (picture)11
Duke Okada (picture)118
Tony Oxendine (picture)1218
Vaughn Parrish (picture)354
Bob Poyner (picture)522
Johnny Preston (picture)210
Danny Robinson (picture)911
Elmer Sheffield, Jr. (picture)2371
Tony Simmons (picture)517
Kumi Takahashi (picture)233
Keita Takahata (picture)212
Mike Trombly (picture)115
Glenn Walters (picture)617
Buddy Weaver (picture)1335
Bob Wickers225
Web Witter (picture)22
Barry Wonson312
Tom Wood11
Mike Wright (picture)23

Len ChristiansenMike DaveyDee Dee Dougherty

Randy DoughertyBob DubreeJoey Duhamel

John EubanksBob FiskMarshall Flippo

Koji HaraiBrian HotchkiesKo Iwata

Lawrence JohnstoneHiromi KanekoBobby Keefe

Hunter KellerReggie KniphferJack Lasry

Jim LeeDarryl LipscombJack Livingston

Homer MagnetPaul MarcumTim Marriner

Dave MullerDuke OkadaTony Oxendine

Vaughn ParrishBob PoynerJohnny Preston

Danny RobinsonElmer Sheffield, Jr.Tony Simmons

Kumi TakahashiKeita TakahataMike Trombly

Glenn WaltersBuddy WeaverWeb Witter

Mike Wright
24-January-2019 07:16:18
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