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Label Information - Red Boot Star
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Sibling Labels:Flutter WheelG & WGold StarRed Boot
Owner:Bob Elling (was: Don Williamson)

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Red Boot Star recordings

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Types of Records
123Singing Call

Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Red Boot StarAll Labels
Bill Anderson55
Jolly Baldwin (picture)22
Cleo Barker (picture)57
Bob Barnes (picture)427
Red Bates (picture)241
Cliff Brodeur (picture)16
T.D. Brown33
Stan Burdick (picture)217
Mike Callahan (picture)16
Daryl Clendenin (picture)175
Don Coy (picture)538
Norm Cross22
Donald Donath22
Ron Dunbar14
Sam Dunn (picture)13
Bob Fehrmann11
Buddy Gillespie13
Hoyle Grose22
Mike Hoose (picture)129
Mike Iavarone216
Johnny Jones (picture)120
Gary Kincade16
Ralph Kornegay (picture)28
Paul Kubler11
Ron Libby (picture)48
Kevin Lowe11
Chuck Marlow23
Harry McColgan22
Wayne McDonald117
Chuck Meyer55
Wayne Morvent (picture)125
Jack Murray14
Sammy Myrick11
Jack O'Leary (picture)3117
Fae Park11
Jim Park33
Evan Pauley (picture)13
John Peeler11
Bill Peterson (picture)116
Jack Rosenberger (picture)14
Ben Rubright (picture)11
Drew Scearce (picture)520
Elmer Sheffield, Jr. (picture)20386
Wayne Short11
Dave Stuthard14
Allen Tipton836
Danny Weeks (picture)13
Jim Wheeler11
Norm Wilcox (picture)22
Johnnie Wykoff (picture)6169

Jolly BaldwinCleo BarkerBob Barnes

Red BatesCliff BrodeurStan Burdick

Mike CallahanDaryl ClendeninDon Coy

Sam DunnMike HooseJohnny Jones

Ralph KornegayRon LibbyWayne Morvent

Jack O'LearyEvan PauleyBill Peterson

Jack RosenbergerBen RubrightDrew Scearce

Elmer Sheffield, Jr.Danny WeeksNorm Wilcox

Johnnie Wykoff
14-October-2019 21:34:24
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