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Abbreviation(s):MAC, MGR, MG
Sibling Labels:BelcoCascadeKaloxLonghorn
Owner:Cody Bryant
Originally founded by C.P. MacGregor; later owned by Fred Beem.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of MacGregor recordings

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Types of Records
1Contra (two-sided)
1Line (two-sided)
23Patter (two instrumentals)
8Patter (two vocals)
5Round (two-sided)
469Singing Call
7Singing Call (instrumental) + Patter
44Singing Call (two instrumentals)
13Singing Call (two vocals)
4Singing Call (vocal) + Patter

Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
MacGregorAll Labels
Chuck Acelin23
Ken Anderson226
Vera Baerg (picture)77
Bill Ball3341
Fred Beem (picture)88
Bud Beland11
Al Brundage (picture)348
Bob Brundage (picture)310
Ray Clairmont11
Daryl Clendenin (picture)175
Curly Custer18
Bob Dawson (picture)37
Bill Donahue19
Fred Drouant34
Otto Dunn (picture)1216
Al Eblen45
Bob Fisk (picture)250
Ray Flick58
Dan Fulford44
Les Gotcher (picture)877
Charlie Guy48
Lee Helsel (picture)333
Jerry Helt (picture)1647
Ralph Hill710
Brian Hotchkies (picture)19146
Mike Hull1111
Bruce Johnson (picture)986
Fenton Jones (picture)6060
John Kaltenthaler (picture)22
Ken Keenly11
Julius King44
Ivan Koehn312
Arnie Kronenberger (picture)110
Scotty Langlands33
Frank Lesperance33
Bill Lockridge22
Ralph Maxhimer (picture)11
Jim Mayo (picture)414
Kenny McNabb2424
Art Miller11
Nick Moran22
Bob Page (picture)231
Lee Payne11
Joel Pepper612
Bill Peters (picture)527
Bill Peterson (picture)216
Norm Phaneuf55
Del Price14
Chuck Raley (picture)2635
Jack Ritter27
Stu Robertson44
John Saunders (picture)337
Mort Simpson23
Sparkie Sparks22
Art Springer (picture)115
Ed Stephan15
Al Stevens (picture)646
Allen Stewart12
Don Stewart (picture)2839
Bill Stone113
Tommy Stoye (picture)3240
Allen Tipton1036
. unknown14
Bob Van Antwerp (picture)4465
Don Ward12
Red Warrick (picture)120
Wayne West (picture)1650
Monty Wilson3131
Irene Womack22

Vera BaergFred BeemAl Brundage

Bob BrundageDaryl ClendeninBob Dawson

Otto DunnBob FiskLes Gotcher

Lee HelselJerry HeltBrian Hotchkies

Bruce JohnsonFenton JonesJohn Kaltenthaler

Arnie KronenbergerRalph MaxhimerJim Mayo

Bob PageBill PetersBill Peterson

Chuck RaleyJohn SaundersArt Springer

Al StevensDon StewartTommy Stoye

Bob Van AntwerpRed WarrickWayne West
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