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Label Information - Gramophone Productions
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Owner:Joe S. Kromer

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Gramophone Productions recordings

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Types of Records
10Patter (two instrumentals)
81Singing Call
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Gramophone ProductionsAll Labels
Lottie Ainsworth (picture)124
Ralf Bender (picture)114
Joerg Biewald (picture)14
Michael Braithwaite (picture)18
Paul Bristow (picture)2101
Stefan Förster (picture)12
Thorsten Geppert (picture)129
Dieter Goergner (picture)11
Mike Goff11
Markus Jähne (picture)11
Jerry Jestin (picture)1244
Alex Johannisson (picture)11
Joe S. Kromer (picture)99
Martin Kromer (picture)11
Michael Mühlhauer (picture)11
Tommy Morgenroth (picture)23
Ellen Mueller (picture)11
Tony Oxendine (picture)1223
Sonja Rupp (picture)22
Horst Sackl (picture)11
Michael Steinhorst (picture)11
Jerry Story (picture)1215
Gabriele Szpadzinski (picture)11
Georg Thomas11
Meike Wambold (picture)33
Jim Wass (picture)14

Lottie AinsworthRalf BenderJoerg Biewald

Michael BraithwaitePaul BristowStefan Förster

Thorsten GeppertDieter GoergnerMarkus Jähne

Jerry JestinAlex JohannissonJoe S. Kromer

Martin KromerMichael MühlhauerTommy Morgenroth

Ellen MuellerTony OxendineSonja Rupp

Horst SacklMichael SteinhorstJerry Story

Gabriele SzpadzinskiMeike WamboldJim Wass
20-August-2019 18:36:38
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