Abbreviation(s):L, LO
Sibling Labels:1 WorldBee SharpBlue StarBlue Star RetroBob CatBoganDance RanchE-Z School RhythmPetticoat PatterRockin' ASwinging Square
Owner:Buddy Weaver

Lore Records, a subsidiary label of Blue Star, formed in 1958 and through 1986 produced 236 releases. Lore music will now be released on the Rawhide label.

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Grid list of Lore recordings

Types of Records 

2Patter (two instrumentals)
230Singing Call

Recording Artists 

Recording Artist
# of recordings on
LoreAll Labels
Don Armstrong (picture)140
Bob Arnold (picture)25
Bob Augustin3037
Red Bates (picture)241
Harold Bausch840
Murry Beasley77
Dwight Burger11
Louis Calhoun (picture)224
John Chavis59
Jack Cloe46
Garry Cohen11
Don Coy (picture)159
Johnny Creel (picture)5961
Mike Darrah11
David Davies11
Dick Demeritt22
Billy Dittemore117
Toby Dove22
Bob Dubree (picture)117
Dick Duckham (picture)113
Emanuel Duming (picture)513
Max Engle (picture)79
Sal Fanara (picture)117
Art Galvin11
Bob Graham1222
Glen Green13
Paul Greer12
Nick Hartley (picture)112
Bob Henderson11
John Hendron (picture)328
Lee Hett11
Kim Hohnholt123
Dave Johnson11
Bobby Keefe (picture)326
George Keith12
Trent Keith11
Dick Kenyon27
Owen Klibbe11
Boots Lewis23
Tom Mullen33
Moe Odom66
Bill Peterson (picture)115
Johnny Pierce11
James Pitchford11
Larry Prior13
Jack Reynolds22
Dean Rogers88
Stan Ruebell55
Bill Schultz23
Gregg Scott11
Jimmie Summerlin (picture)17
Curtis Thompson613
Allen Tipton535
Buddy Weaver (picture)1351
Charles Wheatley12
Don Whitaker1014
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