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Label Information - Dance Ranch
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Sibling Labels:1 WorldBee SharpBlue StarBlue Star RetroBob CatBoganE-Z School RhythmLorePetticoat PatterRockin' ASwinging Square
Owner:Buddy Weaver
Began in 1971 to get Frank Lane to join. Now subsumed under Blue Star. In 2002, Dance Ranch became exclusively CD releases and is the only company to offer a "complete tip per CD" with both singing calls and hoedowns, on every CD. Already 89 CDs have been released on Dance Ranch (count as of Sept. 2006).

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Dance Ranch recordings

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Types of Records
10Patter (two instrumentals)
147Singing Call
76Singing Call (instrumental) + Patter
16Singing Call (two instrumentals)
1Singing Call (two vocals)
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Dance RanchAll Labels
John Aden (picture)227
Lottie Ainsworth (picture)124
Bob Baier (picture)131
Scott Bennett (picture)2116
Ken Bower (picture)3135
King Caldwell25
Mary "Mary" Castleberry (picture)211
John Chavis29
Gail Clark11
Mark Clausing (picture)255
Ben Coleman11
David Cox262
David Davis (picture)114
Mike Driscoll (picture)1016
Bob Fisk (picture)150
Marshall Flippo (picture)5186
Darren Gallina (picture)121
Ben Goldberg (picture)514
Dave Guille314
Jerry Helt (picture)147
Ray Holmes55
Brian Hotchkies (picture)3143
Darin Keith (picture)310
Ernie Kinney (picture)3153
Sheldon Kolb24
Frank Lane (picture)3547
Larry Letson (picture)158
Mac Letson (picture)139
James Martin (picture)19
Jim Mayo (picture)314
Barry Medford77
Chuck Myers (picture)514
Shozo Nishimura24
Tony Oxendine (picture)1223
Tac Ozaki (picture)218
Tom Perry (picture)251
Tom Roper (picture)130
Dick Rueter (picture)39
Stan Russell (picture)310
Joe Saltel (picture)164
Dean Salveson (picture)13
Ron Schneider2154
Bill Schultz13
Rod Shuping (picture)119
Mike Sikorsky269
Tony Simmons (picture)221
Andrea Soutter (picture)12
"Speedy" Spivacke (picture)28
Al Stevens (picture)746
Jerry Story (picture)1215
David Tausworthe45
Masaru Wada223
Buddy Weaver (picture)76344
Wayne West (picture)150
Cindy Whitaker (picture)121
Don Whitaker115
Tommy White122
Johnnie Wykoff (picture)13169
Keiko Yaoko15
Francis Zeller16

John AdenLottie AinsworthBob Baier

Scott BennettKen BowerMary "Mary" Castleberry

Mark ClausingDavid DavisMike Driscoll

Bob FiskMarshall FlippoDarren Gallina

Ben GoldbergJerry HeltBrian Hotchkies

Darin KeithErnie KinneyFrank Lane

Larry LetsonMac LetsonJames Martin

Jim MayoChuck MyersTony Oxendine

Tac OzakiTom PerryTom Roper

Dick RueterStan RussellJoe Saltel

Dean SalvesonRod ShupingTony Simmons

Andrea Soutter"Speedy" SpivackeAl Stevens

Jerry StoryBuddy WeaverWayne West

Cindy WhitakerJohnnie Wykoff
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