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Label Information - Rhythm
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Abbreviation(s):RHY, RR
Sibling Label:Lone Star
Owner:Wade Driver

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Rhythm recordings

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Types of Records
7Patter (two instrumentals)
2Sing-Along (two-sided)
262Singing Call
1Singing Call (two instrumentals)
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
RhythmAll Labels
Rascal Araki11
Bob Baier (picture)1430
Pat Barbour (picture)2332
Ken Bower (picture)9130
Drew Bramlett11
Mike Bramlett (picture)121
Adam Christman (picture)45
Paul Cote (picture)126
Lanell Davis11
Dee Dee Dougherty (picture)1219
"Doc" Driver11
Wade Driver (picture)124146
Bob Fisk (picture)350
Marshall Flippo (picture)6184
Kip Garvey (picture)954
Jerry Haag (picture)360
Terry Hebert (picture)11
K.O. Jeanes56
Ernie Kinney (picture)1153
Tim Marriner (picture)650
Matt McGovern (picture)13
Mac O'Jima (picture)114
Naruaki Okumura26
Tony Oxendine (picture)1209
Ashley Parker24
Jet Roberts (picture)826
Sylvia Roberts25
Gail Seastrom11
Mike Seastrom (picture)2553
Gary Shoemake (picture)1094
Dave Smith (picture)17
Jerry Story (picture)8207
Betty Yuzu11

Bob BaierPat BarbourKen Bower

Mike BramlettAdam ChristmanPaul Cote

Dee Dee DoughertyWade DriverBob Fisk

Marshall FlippoKip GarveyJerry Haag

Terry HebertErnie KinneyTim Marriner

Matt McGovernMac O'JimaTony Oxendine

Jet RobertsMike SeastromGary Shoemake

Dave SmithJerry Story
23-February-2018 08:35:48
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