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Label Information - Silver Sounds
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Sibling Label:Sounds 2000
Owner:Jack O'Leary

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Silver Sounds recordings

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Types of Records
17Patter (two instrumentals)
220Singing Call
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Silver SoundsAll Labels
Red Bates (picture)1741
Cliff Brodeur (picture)36
Don Brown (picture)711
Scott Brown126
Shawn Brown110
Mike Callahan (picture)46
Mark Castracane22
Sally Castracane11
Sandy Corey (picture)22
Paul Cote (picture)128
Bob Elling (picture)114
Chris Froggatt (picture)423
Corben Geis (picture)3239
Dan Guin22
Chuck Hardy (picture)22
Gerry Hardy (picture)66
Jon Harrison11
Mike Iavarone1016
Phil Kandrut11
Hunter Keller (picture)133
Steve Kopman (picture)152
Ed Kremers (picture)67
Jim Logan (picture)421
Deb Malsom (picture)44
Tom Manning (picture)140
Lee McCormack (picture)116
Bruce McCue2324
Matt McGovern (picture)13
Tony McUmber33
Lori Morin (picture)55
Jack O'Leary (picture)80114
Evan Pauley (picture)23
Hans Pettersson (picture)627
Mickey Rogers11
Justin Russell (picture)120
Jim Ryans33
Joe Saltel (picture)164
Jack Servello11
Elmer Sheffield, Jr. (picture)2380
Larry Shipman34
Bruce Williamson (picture)1628

Red BatesCliff BrodeurDon Brown

Mike CallahanSandy CoreyPaul Cote

Bob EllingChris FroggattCorben Geis

Chuck HardyGerry HardyHunter Keller

Steve KopmanEd KremersJim Logan

Deb MalsomTom ManningLee McCormack

Matt McGovernLori MorinJack O'Leary

Evan PauleyHans PetterssonJustin Russell

Joe SaltelElmer Sheffield, Jr.Bruce Williamson
20-August-2019 18:21:25
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