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Label Information - Rawhide
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Sibling Label:Buckskin
Owner:Buddy Weaver (former: Dick Waibel)

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Rawhide recordings

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Types of Records
7Patter (two instrumentals)
2Sing-Along (two-sided)
324Singing Call
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
RawhideAll Labels
Craig Abercrombie (picture)35
Lottie Ainsworth (picture)524
Andy Allemao (picture)320
Scott Bennett (picture)1116
Ken Bower (picture)1135
Nicholas Brendzy11
Jim Brown (picture)88
Stan Burdick (picture)217
Dale Casseday11
Larry Cole (picture)1215
Stan Cole (picture)2229
Stephen Cole19
Jim Davis (picture)311
Otto Degner (picture)714
Sue Dellere56
Mike Driscoll (picture)216
Wade Driver (picture)1161
Shannon Duck46
Marshall Flippo (picture)2186
Al Frazier (picture)24
Darren Gallina (picture)521
Jerry Gilbreath (picture)38
Dave Gipson (picture)25
Dave Guille314
Jerry Hamilton67
Jerry & Crete Hamilton11
Jay Henderson (picture)141
Mike Hogan (picture)414
Dale Houck22
Jerry Johnson (picture)611
Hiroyuki Kaneko13
Darin Keith (picture)210
Jim Kline (picture)556
Leo & Reatha Lange22
Hank Lutcher (picture)59
Tim Marriner (picture)150
Dale McClary (picture)1313
Lee McCormack (picture)1116
Tim Merino (picture)33
Bear Miller (picture)310
Akitoshi Nakajima12
Kotaro Okawa23
Naru Okumura (picture)110
Tac Ozaki (picture)218
Dan Preedy12
Jerry Reed (picture)35
Tom Roper (picture)330
Tom Rudebock (picture)79
Dick Rueter (picture)19
Dan Sahlstrom (picture)24
Joe Saltel (picture)164
Doug Saunders (picture)44
Elmer Sheffield, Jr. (picture)1380
Mike Sikorsky169
Steve Sullivan (picture)1422
Takako Suzuki (picture)23
Sam Tajima23
Hideyuki Takahashi (picture)26
Ray Taylor (picture)712
Naomi Tomosada (picture)16
Toshifumi Ueno (picture)12
Masaru Wada223
Dick Waibel (picture)1334
Makiko Wakamatsu12
Lanny Weaklend (picture)517
Buddy Weaver (picture)107344
Grace Wheatley (picture)117
Hiroshi Yaoko (picture)12
Keiko Yaoko15

Craig AbercrombieLottie AinsworthAndy Allemao

Scott BennettKen BowerJim Brown

Stan BurdickLarry ColeStan Cole

Jim DavisOtto DegnerMike Driscoll

Wade DriverMarshall FlippoAl Frazier

Darren GallinaJerry GilbreathDave Gipson

Jay HendersonMike HoganJerry Johnson

Darin KeithJim KlineHank Lutcher

Tim MarrinerDale McClaryLee McCormack

Tim MerinoBear MillerNaru Okumura

Tac OzakiJerry ReedTom Roper

Tom RudebockDick RueterDan Sahlstrom

Joe SaltelDoug SaundersElmer Sheffield, Jr.

Steve SullivanTakako SuzukiHideyuki Takahashi

Ray TaylorNaomi TomosadaToshifumi Ueno

Dick WaibelLanny WeaklendBuddy Weaver

Grace WheatleyHiroshi Yaoko
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