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Label Information - Windsor
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Abbreviation(s):W, WIN
Owner:Cody Bryant (was: Doc Alumbaugh)
10061 Riverside Drive #731 Toluca Lake, CA 91602 818-515-4444

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Windsor recordings

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Types of Records
1Line (two-sided)
19Patter (two instrumentals)
4Patter (two vocals)
11Round (two-sided)
3Sing-Along (two-sided)
302Singing Call
32Singing Call (two instrumentals)
40Singing Call (two vocals)
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
WindsorAll Labels
Dave Abbott518
Doc Alumbaugh (picture)77
Don Armstrong (picture)833
Bill Ball541
Bob Barnes (picture)1327
Vince & Marge Belgarbo12
Nate Bliss (picture)1676
Al Brundage (picture)1848
John Butler44
Shelby Dawson1222
Dale Dockery (picture)13
Phil Farmer (picture)115
Don Farnsworth11
Max Forsyth (picture)910
Earl "Foxie" Fox (picture)22
Carrie Freeman11
Garland Freeman11
Don Gibson66
Bob Hall11
Lee Helsel (picture)433
Ralph Hill310
Dick Hoffman1421
Marlin Hull411
Larry Jack (picture)2059
Larry & Thelma Jessen11
Bruce Johnson (picture)6781
Bob Johnston (picture)27
Vic Kaaria (picture)236
Pat & Louise Kimbley12
Bill Kramer (picture)110
Arnie Kronenberger (picture)110
Jimmy Langley22
Johnny LeClair (picture)217
Marv Lindner (picture)2133
Bill Martin813
Singin' Sam Mitchell (picture)143
John Moore11
Paul Moore (picture)118
Steve Moore (picture)319
Bob Nipper12
Bob Parrish11
Dick Parrish66
Julie & Bert Passerello11
Mark Patterson (picture)15
Andy Petrere (picture)241
Don Pfister (picture)112
Ross Quast22
Chuck Raley (picture)635
Andy Rawlinson (picture)11
Robby Robertson1010
Johnnie Roth37
Warren Rowles1313
Alan Schultz11
John Shallow1214
Mort Simpson13
Manning & Nita Smith (picture)17
Bill Snailum67
Al Stevens (picture)946
Don Stewart (picture)339
Ruth Stillion44
Tommy Stoye (picture)240
Dave Taylor (picture)1150
Bob Van Antwerp (picture)1065
Nelson Watkins (picture)428
Wayne West (picture)850
Gary Weston45
Dick Wilson11
Russ Young36

Doc AlumbaughDon ArmstrongBob Barnes

Nate BlissAl BrundageDale Dockery

Phil FarmerMax ForsythEarl "Foxie" Fox

Lee HelselLarry JackBruce Johnson

Bob JohnstonVic KaariaBill Kramer

Arnie KronenbergerJohnny LeClairMarv Lindner

Singin' Sam MitchellPaul MooreSteve Moore

Mark PattersonAndy PetrereDon Pfister

Chuck RaleyAndy RawlinsonManning & Nita Smith

Al StevensDon StewartTommy Stoye

Dave TaylorBob Van AntwerpNelson Watkins

Wayne West
23-January-2019 22:19:38
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