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Sibling Label:Jopat
Owner:Elmer Sheffield, Jr.
ESP Recordings was founded in 1980 by Elmer Sheffield Jr.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of ESP recordings

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Types of Records
489Singing Call
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
ESPAll Labels
Matt Asanuma14
Ken Bower (picture)5135
Juli Burr13
Malcolm Davis11
Wade Driver (picture)1161
Bob Elling (picture)214
Marshall Flippo (picture)4186
Robert Funderburke11
Jerry Haag (picture)360
Bill Harrison (picture)4464
Mike Hoose (picture)129
Jerry Jestin (picture)344
Amanda Kopman22
Lee Kopman (picture)210
Steve Kopman (picture)4852
Larry Letson (picture)1758
Mac Letson (picture)239
Darryl Lipscomb (picture)1741
Paul Marcum (picture)2536
Tim Marriner (picture)1850
John Marshall111
Jim McCord22
Darryl McMillan (picture)738
Tom Miller (picture)3767
Bob Newman3839
Mitchell Osawa (picture)337
Tony Oxendine (picture)4223
Peter Richardson12
Jimmy Roberson (picture)119
Jet Roberts (picture)128
Craig Rowe (picture)2124
Dick Rueter (picture)19
Elmer Sheffield, Jr. (picture)266380
Bob Shiver (picture)110
Gary Shoemake (picture)897
Jed Siegmann25
Lincoln Siegmann14
Noah Siegmann (picture)117
Kumi Takahashi (picture)138
Mark Turner (picture)212
Bob Van Antwerp (picture)165
Lothar Weidich (picture)11
John Winton (picture)16
Bronc Wise (picture)188

Ken BowerWade DriverBob Elling

Marshall FlippoJerry HaagBill Harrison

Mike HooseJerry JestinLee Kopman

Steve KopmanLarry LetsonMac Letson

Darryl LipscombPaul MarcumTim Marriner

Darryl McMillanTom MillerMitchell Osawa

Tony OxendineJimmy RobersonJet Roberts

Craig RoweDick RueterElmer Sheffield, Jr.

Bob ShiverGary ShoemakeNoah Siegmann

Kumi TakahashiMark TurnerBob Van Antwerp

Lothar WeidichJohn WintonBronc Wise
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