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Label Information - Bob Cat
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Sibling Labels:1 WorldBee SharpBlue StarBlue Star RetroBoganDance RanchE-Z School RhythmLorePetticoat PatterRockin' ASwinging Square
Owner:Buddy Weaver
Bobcat music will now be released under the Rawhide label.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Bob Cat recordings

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Types of Records
1Patter (two instrumentals)
36Singing Call

Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Bob CatAll Labels
Bob Augustin437
Bill Barner12
Ken Bower (picture)2136
Wade Driver (picture)1161
Joe Fioretti12
Marshall Flippo (picture)1186
Dave Guille114
Posey Holbrook13
Mike Holt35
Larry Jackson24
Gary Kincade56
Larry Letson (picture)158
Tim Marriner (picture)151
Jack Peterson22
Tom Roper (picture)130
Lee Swain (picture)215
Buddy Weaver (picture)8348

Ken BowerWade DriverMarshall Flippo

Larry LetsonTim MarrinerTom Roper

Lee SwainBuddy Weaver
15-October-2019 03:31:57
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