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Abbreviation(s):AS, A&S
Owner:Bob & Marie Shiver
In 1977 the Adams and Shivers (A&S) bought the square dance portion of "Educational Records" from Ms. Hicks in Atlanta and moved it to Warner Robins. A little over a year later the Adams moved to Egypt, and Bob and Marie Shiver bought their half of the record shop. The Shivers kept the name A&S Records. The Shivers have maintained A&S Records stock at some 12,000 square dance and related records ever since. They also carry Hilton needles, Plastic Sleeves, Diplomas, basic/MS/Plus books, Pocket Dictionaries, Record Cases, etc.

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Grid list of A & S recordings

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Types of Records
1Patter (two instrumentals)
34Singing Call
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
A & SAll Labels
Larry Belcher (picture)211
Juli Burr23
Walt Burr (picture)45
Stephen Cole59
Donnie DeVore (picture)26
Mike Liston58
Sue Liston (picture)35
Bob Shiver (picture)110
Danny Thomas (picture)24
Glenn Wilson (picture)325
Barry Wonson816
Ray Yon11

Larry BelcherWalt BurrDonnie DeVore

Sue ListonBob ShiverDanny Thomas

Glenn Wilson
15-September-2019 22:52:48
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