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Label Information - Red Boot
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Sibling Labels:Flutter WheelG & WGold StarRed Boot Star
Owner:Bob Elling (was: Don Williamson)
The group was formed in 1981, and performed together for 23 years doing ~150 square dances and/or concerts each year. They were made up of Callerlab members Johnny Jones, Mike Hoose, Don Williamson, and Wayne McDonald. Red Boot Boys sang at the 1990 Palomar Association Jamboree. Here is a video (three parts) of their performance:

Red Boot Boys In Concert 1990 Part 1
Red Boot Boys In Concert 1990 Part 2
Red Boot Boys In Concert 1990 Part 3

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Red Boot recordings

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Types of Records
1Contra (two-sided)
19Patter (two instrumentals)
1Round (two-sided)
282Singing Call
1Singing Call (two vocals)
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Red BootAll Labels
Bob Barnes (picture)127
Red Bates (picture)141
Harold Bausch140
Dick Bayer320
Carl E. Beck11
Jerry Biggerstaff (picture)129
Ray Bohn123
The Red Boot Boys1515
Al Brundage (picture)248
Stan Burdick (picture)517
Don Burkholder22
Jim Cass11
Jim Coppinger48
Ray & Bea Dowdy12
Ron Dunbar34
Sam Dunn (picture)13
Alan Evans11
Darrell Figg12
Al Frazier (picture)14
Ted Frye818
Ralph Fulkerson11
Bill Harrison (picture)163
John Hendron (picture)1028
Malinda Hoose11
Mike Hoose (picture)2728
Johnny Jones (picture)1819
Lee Kopman (picture)710
Steve Kopman (picture)249
Phil Kozlowski (picture)113
Ron Libby (picture)17
Sam Lowe112
John Marshall211
Mac McCall (picture)22
Mac McCullar1109
Wayne McDonald517
Mal Minshall15
Gary Monday (picture)11
Tommie Morris12
Betty & Clancy Mueller14
Ron Nelson (picture)14
Jim Ray22
Jimmy Roberson (picture)119
Mel Roberts12
Craig Satterthwaite (picture)11
Drew Scearce (picture)320
Elmer Sheffield, Jr. (picture)14369
Richard Silver88
Ralph Silvius (picture)1217
Dave Stuthard24
Frank Thomason11
Allen Tipton736
Ralph Trout (picture)68
Bob Van Antwerp (picture)165
Bob Vinyard (picture)1531
Bill Volner (picture)753
Wayne West (picture)250
Steve Wilhoit23
Don Williams11
Don Williamson (picture)8789
Lowell Young23

Bob BarnesRed BatesJerry Biggerstaff

Al BrundageStan BurdickSam Dunn

Al FrazierBill HarrisonJohn Hendron

Mike HooseJohnny JonesLee Kopman

Steve KopmanPhil KozlowskiRon Libby

Mac McCallGary MondayRon Nelson

Jimmy RobersonCraig SatterthwaiteDrew Scearce

Elmer Sheffield, Jr.Ralph SilviusRalph Trout

Bob Van AntwerpBob VinyardBill Volner

Wayne WestDon Williamson
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