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Abbreviation(s):SIO, HD
Owner:Brian Hotchkies and Tracy Brown
Originally owned by Bob Osgood.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Sets In Order recordings

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Types of Records
94Patter (two instrumentals)
30Round (two-sided)
1Sing-Along (two-sided)
72Singing Call
1Singing Call (instrumental) + Patter
15Singing Call (two instrumentals)
13Singing Call (two vocals)
2Singing Call (vocal) + Patter

Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Sets In OrderAll Labels
Jimmy Brooks13
Tom & Jean Cahoe23
Tommy Cavanagh315
Dot & Hal Chambers11
Fred Christopher15
Roy Close11
Wes & Bea Coyner11
Joy Cramlet11
Hunter & Jeri Crosby22
Harold & Myrtle Eicher12
Dave & Lucille Fike11
Dot & Date Foster12
Ed Gilmore (picture)218
Ed & Claire Greer11
Lee Helsel (picture)2233
Tex Hencerling11
Brian Hotchkies (picture)6146
Harry Howe11
Lorraine & Bill Hurtado11
Jack Jackson33
Bernice Jones11
Pat & Louise Kimbley12
Ralph Kinnane115
Arnie Kronenberger (picture)810
Frank Lane (picture)247
Johnny LeClair (picture)1017
Louis & Lela Leon44
Bill & Mary Lynn35
Byron & Lou Markle11
Merl Olds710
Bob Osgood (picture)24
Bob Page (picture)2331
Earle Park57
Louise & Norman Pewsey22
Bryce & Elner Reay23
Lee Rimes11
Bob Ruff (picture)625
Evelyn & Doc Sauter11
Dan & Bernice Schmeizer11
Dude Sibley44
Manning & Nita Smith (picture)27
Otto Stave11
Charles & Gertrude Tennent22
Keith Thomsen211
Kenny & Dolly Walker23
Bob Wright25
Joyce & Pete Zander11

Ed GilmoreLee HelselBrian Hotchkies

Arnie KronenbergerFrank LaneJohnny LeClair

Bob OsgoodBob PageBob Ruff

Manning & Nita Smith
19-October-2019 02:27:01
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