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Sibling Label:Sting
Owner:Paul Bristow
In 1986, Stefan Sidholm and Ingvar Pettersson, formed a company that they decided to name "Sting Productions". They invested as much money as they could borrow, hired musicians and a studio and recorded two records. Sting Productions began to grow. Very soon after the first two records Stefan and Ingvar asked Bengt "Bula" Ericsson to assist with the production. With Bula's help the music began to take on a definite shape and flavor that would be identified with Sting for many years to come. In the early days a number of callers recorded on Sting Records but very soon the regular staff were identified as Stefan, Ingvar, Robert Bjork, Al Stevens and Paul Bristow.

There were still a number of callers who were looking to make records. Stefan and Ingvar decided to create a second label that would provide some of these other callers with the opportunity to record. Snow Records was founded as a "sister label" to Sting; it was agreed, from the outset, that Snow would have equal status to Sting in all respects.

During the first fourteen years, Sting and Snow Records enjoyed a great deal of success. A total of sixty nine records were released, all of which sold well, many appeared in the top sellers, and a fair number reached the number one spot on the release table.

In April 2000, Stefan and Ingvar transferred ownership of Sting and Snow Records to Paul Bristow. Sting and Snow Records returned to full production in March 2001. Since the beginning of 2002, virtually all of the company's back catalogue have become available as MP3 files.

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Snow recordings

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Types of Records
14Patter (two instrumentals)
60Singing Call

Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
SnowAll Labels
Lars-Göran Börgel33
Ralf Bender (picture)314
Anders Blom (picture)210
Jack Borgström (picture)120
Steffi Celler11
Søren Christensen (picture)24
Al Green11
Astrid Heckmann (picture)24
Reine Hjärtstrom11
Thorsten Hubmann (picture)515
Philipp Kamm (picture)11
François Lamoureux11
Tommy P. Larsen (picture)816
Carsten Nielsen (picture)140
Kenny Reese (picture)710
Uli Schingen37
Wil Stans (picture)514
Melanie Thornton11
Piet Walhout12
Bo Wallin (picture)33
Maarten Weijers (picture)820
Mike Wilder (picture)11

Ralf BenderAnders BlomJack Borgström

Søren ChristensenAstrid HeckmannThorsten Hubmann

Philipp KammTommy P. LarsenCarsten Nielsen

Kenny ReeseWil StansBo Wallin

Maarten WeijersMike Wilder
16-October-2019 11:37:11
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