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Label Information - Circle D

Sibling Label:A Bar K
Owner:Don and Patti Brown

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Grid list of Circle D recordings

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Types of Records
5Patter (two instrumentals)
83Singing Call

Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Circle DAll Labels
Earl Arledge11
Kevin Bacon55
Wayne Baldwin (picture)719
Mike Bramlett (picture)221
Don Brown (picture)311
Brad Caldwell (picture)511
Gil T. Crosby15
Dean Crowell1818
Jim Davis (picture)111
Randy Dibble (picture)38
Rusty Fennell13
Les Hughes (picture)23
Jim Jefferies16
Jerry Jestin (picture)144
Steve Kopman (picture)148
Mike Litzenberger17
Les Main24
James Martin (picture)29
James Maxey (picture)15
Jerry Mitchell (picture)48
Chuck Myers (picture)114
Mac O'Jima (picture)115
Andy Petrere (picture)2038
Mike Seastrom (picture)150
Tony Sikes (picture)12
Ralph Thrift11
Charles Wheatley12

Wayne BaldwinMike BramlettDon Brown

Brad CaldwellJim DavisRandy Dibble

Les HughesJerry JestinSteve Kopman

James MartinJames MaxeyJerry Mitchell

Chuck MyersMac O'JimaAndy Petrere

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