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Label Information - Golden Eagle
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Sibling Label:Eagle
Owner:Deb Peel & Scott A. English

If you have any additional pertinent information about this label, please contact Debbie.

Grid list of Golden Eagle recordings

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Types of Records
38Singing Call
Recording Artists

Recording Artist# of recordings on
Golden EagleAll Labels
Ken Bower (picture)6134
Ellen Brunner16
Jim Cholmondeley (picture)511
Dee Dee Dougherty (picture)119
Dick Duckham (picture)813
Jim Logan (picture)321
Chuck Peel (picture)1114
Gary Shoemake (picture)295
Eagle Staff11

Ken BowerJim CholmondeleyDee Dee Dougherty

Dick DuckhamJim LoganChuck Peel

Gary Shoemake
14-December-2018 10:20:32
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